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Wii Fit U – Review

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  1. Alexandru Bortoș

    How did they give Wii Fit Plus 8.2 but to Wii Fit U, a massive upgrade, 7.5?!?

  2. my review in few words, the game is great, every activity is there for a reason, the reviewer is obese and cant see any results in one try. You can unlock up to three difficulties on most of the exercises which makes it very very hard to complete sometimes.

  3. I want Wii play U

  4. Andre Luis Almeida Leite


  5. Jesper Ottosson

    does this game work with 3rd part balance boards? e.g big Ben balance board for wii?

  6. Does this board work with the original wii? How much for board and system and workout games for NA ? I live in Canada, thanks.

  7. Σωτήρης Κατσουλιέρης

    michael's least favorite game.

  8. Nunya Bidness

    I have a question please. If I just wanted to use this game, how much would it cost?
    Thats including the cheapest version of the console and the game with board.

  9. Raphael Palmieri

    Does anyone knows if it's necessary the Wii Fit Balance to play this game?

  10. ChrisManny123

    this game is for fat people (no offense)

  11. A waiter mini-game???
    "Too much waiter. 7.5/10" – IGN

  12. Michael Maxime

    What i dont understand about nintendo is why not have compatibility for multi balance board 2 player or multi gamepad functionality. Its like they dont want to make more money.

  13. Does the pedometer need to be synced every day or can I do it every now and then?

  14. So if I buy it I get a Wii u pokéwalker? Sweet!

  15. Ferval Lankman

    I'm gonna sweat my balls off!

  16. Murderous Johnny

    I used to work out a lot; I had that Brad pitt fight club body. After using this I have to say this is an excellent tool if you take it seriously. But like every thing related to fitness, if you are going to make the most of it you need to educate yourself about things like BMI. Also this game is for people who are either overweight, with body pains like back pain, or not very active. If you are already a gym rat don't bother although it is a cool weight to record your weight. 10/10

  17. Why would you show "extended gameplay" of a minigame that already existed in the previous versions: Wii Fit and Wii Fit Plus. The whole review makes it seem like the past iterations of Wii Fit never existed and still most of the footage shown is not of the newer minigames or activities. Strange use of chosen footage.

  18. Can you change your trainer to a male trainer?

  19. Agreed with this 100% especially with the con balance board issue coz it sometimes misses ur moves or misplaces your balnace ect. Nintendo need to upgrade the balance board a bit to fix some of those issuse with the balance board

  20. spidermanandbuzz

    here what you should do to get wii fit u instead of the bundle new customers. In black friday, buy a pre-owned balance board. $14.99 or a new one, i don't know the price, then buy a fit meter for $19.99 or new black friday price. Last, download the free wii fit u, sync all then get it for free. BAM! You don't need a $100 bundle pack. you save $60!    All =  $34.98

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