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Classic Game Room HD – GOD OF WAR: CHAINS OF OLYMPUS PSP review

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  1. The God of War PSP games need HD releases on Vita.

  2. The anarchist

    I liked only the first and last level and that on the middle was boring and even the first GOW be better.

  3. Am I the only one that thinks Kratos looks like an Asian guy in this GOW?

  4. samuele tranchida


  5. gaming equals life

    can anyone please leave a comment and tell me how to save the games

  6. Clash of the Titans was 1981, my dad told me 😉

  7. i agree great game 🙂

  8. Wizard Clip Audio

    I just got my copy the other day for 3 whole dollars.

  9. just got it for 4 bucks

  10. *hugs* i know how you feel in 2005 time splitters was my life too

  11. obsoletebossk

    I think thats utter bollocks, but fair enough.

  12. obsoletebossk

    Then buy it, its a fantastic game. But if the violence doesn't bother you, then why should the sex? I'm just rather tired of everyone freaking out when someone gets out their tits, but being fine with violence.

  13. obsoletebossk

    Of course! You literally rip people in half with your bare hands!

  14. obsoletebossk

    The horrible violence and dismemberment isn't an issue, but nipples are? Dear god, some people are fools.

  15. Never noticed how much the graphics sucked back then…

  16. If it looked thison psp imagine a vita game oman sony has to do it

  17. What does atlus want with th sun god….. To make him a persona of course

  18. Yes because when I see a video game sex scene I say "Hey now… That's RAD."

  19. 1:34 so disturbing that was a deal breaker for me to get this game

  20. 1:34: :O

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