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Nintendo NEW 3DS Unboxing + Review (Old 3DS Comparison, Faceplates, Smash Bros Test, Hands On)


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  1. the second analogue stick is called a nubbin. Partly because thats what I
    call those similar things on laptops and partly because I like saying
    nubbin. NUBBIN!!!!!!

  2. Awesome! Cant wait till it FINALLY comes to the west, well definitely be
    getting it.

  3. I really loved Nintendo when I was younger as the Wii was one of my first
    consoles. I recently sold my vita and I was wondering if the 3DS is a good
    option? And with what games? :)

  4. Could’ve called this the 3dsi, Super 3ds, or even the 3ds+ …. but
    nooooooooooooo… F*CK YOU SH*TENDO!!! ASDSDFDDFGHD!!! (no, just kidding i
    love you. Here, take my wallet)

  5. 2015 – Americas/Europe
    21st November, 2014 – Australia

  6. Ghost your a grown as man with a pink princess peach cover bro man up

  7. Will the new 3ds be region locked if i get it from australia. I live in

  8. R3DPlaystationFilmer

    Is it region locked?

  9. Thomas Norton-Crossman

    I’ve just ordered mine from Australia!

  10. Any cons of getting the Japanese version? 

  11. Abraham Simpkins

    From what you are saying it sounds like the little stick on old laptops.
    They had the tri-pad and then a little ‘nub’ in the middle of it all that
    you could control your cursor with as well. Anybody else know what I’m
    talking about?

  12. Callistawesomeness

    should i buy the new 3ds or the xl version? I always like the bigger
    version (That what she said!!!!! :D) but i freaking want those plates but
    then again, it’s not really THAT important (cause srsly, i would ended up
    covering it with stickers even if i don’t buy the plates) so.. what do you
    guys think?

  13. Dont face plates just defight the purpose of having special editions

  14. Awesome looking!

  15. RainbowNinjaUnicorn!

    I hope there aren’t too many new games that require this console. I already
    have a 3DS and a 3DS XL. I do like the changeable faceplates, though. 

  16. I just got a brand new 3ds because my original one broke,and this comes out
    in Japan, which means a few months to a year before it comes out, most
    likely a few months. that was 200$ down the drain….. :(

  17. and nintendo still region locks their system.

  18. the right stick is so stupid !!!

  19. Am I the only one watching this while puking? Fucking Taco Bell 

  20. What a waste of money

  21. Wow the fourth version of the 3DS right?
    It looks very nice with the whole face plate idea and theme for the home
    menu but honestly I don’t see a true reason yet to upgrade.

  22. Btw its coming out in New Zealand on the 21st of November so if you want
    one in english…. :)

  23. What is Ghost’s real name?

  24. In NZ it come out on the 21st of nov

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