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How to Build the ULTIMATE 4K Gaming PC Build Guide

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  1. ACRYLIC??? On a computer of this caliber? C'mon.

  2. Most games won't even utilize every core so

  3. v_horrormaster

    Cant find x79 deluxe

  4. The sad part about this is that in 15 years a phone will be better then this

  5. Did Linus reply before anyone comment??

  6. y don't u give all ur intel boyfs sum nice fantastic mind-blowing blowjobs 4 giving u all that gear? i'm sure they would appreciate it. fuck u.

  7. ur vid would a lotta b more interesting + fun 2 watch if u gave urself sum nice fantastic mind-blowing blowjobs. fuck u.

  8. Good video

  9. i'm just gonna buy one cause this shit will get on my nerves lol

  10. Does all the component's come with everything you need, like wires and screws and stuff? i would hope so lol

  11. Mathias Skovsbøl Andersen

    says high speed ram. Pulls out a 2400mhz kit

  12. Zloll

  13. audio done fucked up at 13.50

  14. broadwell e and pascal anyone

  15. Fun fact Gaming in the winter is healthier for your pc

  16. Maxwell Abbott

    hehehehe kisses r9 290x 8gb

  17. Adis Halilovic

    3 years ago when i watched this video ,i had high hopes that someday in the near future i'd be able to build something as near as this, 3 years later im still with my shitty 2007 prebuild pc playing stardew valley

  18. I really like the video editing in this video. Why did it change from this??

  19. u dont use thermal paste?

  20. needle nose pliers 2:04

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