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BEST Budget Laptop Under $500 – Best Cheap Laptop

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  1. Im watching this on the lenovo yoga idea pad 15 and its the slowest thing ever, csgo runs at 20-30 fps. and gta V runs at 7 to 15 fps and sometimes crash will driving. Editing is bad, also touch screen stopped working. The 4 gigs of ram is a very big limitation.

  2. Laptop 0:34 ? The dell one? Seems goo

  3. Christheclamper 24

    wich one is the best for music production

  4. Nathaniel Smith

    Anyone know a good cheap laptop that would be able to run Minecraft and maybe a game like overwatch?

  5. Anton Pozhitkov

    My god. He spelled Duo wrong

  6. Mason Alleger

    Best price on the market, Get these laptops at https://www.banggood.com/?p=A123156595798201609R

  7. If you're thinking of buying a Lenovo laptop with good configurations and a good price buy this one. The fall saving is going on and just look at views per day so many people are thinking of buying it. Dont waste time thinking just go for it

  8. in india every laptop is above 1000$ 😛 !!

  9. Don't recommend to buy a Lenovo IdeaPad's, they made of crappy materials and are almost none repairable!

  10. The Ricefield

    Everyone please do your research on Lenovos line of flexible laptops. They tend to fuck up quite a lot.

  11. stormbringerr mourn

    touchscreens waste power, battery life even when turned off.

  12. Kamindu Samaranayake

    spelt dual as duel

  13. Summaya Queen

    I have this laptop

  14. Can one of these run recording smoothly

  15. good video. can you do a 2016 update to this video? also, whats the difference between lenovo yoga, flex and edge? they all appear to be 2-in-1 convertibles with touchscreen. thoughts please? thanks in advance and stay blessed! 🙂

  16. You can actually have 6 gb of ram?

  17. Kelapa Gaming

    Any suggestions for a normal laptop which can run games smoothly like. Csgo, etc under $800?

  18. "Duel core i3"
    I think he meant DUAL core

  19. nrk nimmagadda

    lenovo g50 8gb RAM model should in the list coz it comes with Intel processor and AMD GPU of 2gb which can deal with the games upto 2015 with good quality though the screen is LCD this should be in the list holding the price tag of nearly 460 bucks

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