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New Amazon Fire TV Stick Review – $39 Streaming Media Player with Alexa

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  1. Phil Nunziata

    really enjoyed the review! just one question, my main reason for purchase would be watch ESPN how does that run ?

  2. I can do all this with my playstation 3, I don't see the point in buying a fire stick…good review all the same…

  3. bradley booth

    Do you get to watch games on there like basketball and football, like watch the whole games live?

  4. I love my Amazon fire stick tv but I wish they have mirco SD for more storages

  5. I know nothing about these devices. If you buy one do you have to pay to watch anything with them? Do they work on a subscription service?

  6. The only problem I can find with the device for me is 30fps only during moonlight.

  7. Ruchir Tondon

    so what to you suggest is better to stream content, fire stick or chrome cast 2

  8. Sabastian Knowles

    whats the difference in the pricing i see some in the orange box that are more can u help?

  9. im gona by a fire stick

  10. I came here for a basic review and got so much more. Excellent job!

  11. graphicartdude

    Does anyone know of a streaming device that allows for someone to add a Youtube video to one of their Youtube playlists? This is such a stupid omission in my opinion. Neither my Apple TV or Amazon Firestick allows this option. It's incredibly inconvenient. Thanks.

  12. Coffeee please

    so if I was to buy this fire stick are all the shows free on the fire stick or do I have to pay for them ?

  13. Wanda Coleman

    Can you get your local channels with this?

  14. So do you have to be a Amazon prime member because then you need 6 pound a month

  15. carlisle jones

    does this work in any country

  16. I'm not a prime subscriber does that mean I can't watch amazon prime

  17. Thank you for this thorough review. I'm going to buy this for my grandmother so she can stop paying $180 a month for stupid cable when we have netflix, amazon, and hulu already!

  18. Good review of the stick. I got a new smart TV last week and I think a want to add the stick to one of the newer non smart TVs. It should work okay with what I want to use it for.

  19. David Schlotterback

    I personally would recommend a Roku 3 or 4. The Fire Stick is similar to a Kindle Fire meaning that the apps available are extremely limited. I have a Roku 3 that I love and have an Apple TV in my living room that really isn't bad, thought it's remote is kind of a pain in the ass to learn.


    I'd like to ask you if possible if you could do a Slingplayer on Amazon Fire TV stick review because there isn't any review for this important app on any youtube channels and I'm interested on get this device just pretty much for this app since you don't need a smartphone or tablet to start it like you need on Roku or Apple tv.

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