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Xbox One S Review

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  1. i have the Xbox 1s 2tb gears of war edition. Awesome! so much better than the original 1. 2tb harddrive is awesome. i loaded 26 games into it and still have 1tb left to play with. upscaling is awesome! Xbox 360 back compat games look ridiculously like they could've been Xbox 1 games to bigin with. its so much quieter. and the sound effects it makes when you turn it on, eject a game, turn it off are a cool touch. all physical buttons thats cool too! i also was gonna wait for Scorpio but Who Knows if microsoft will deliver on that as they say. So until then im completely satisfied with the 1s. This console shouldve been released when the original 1 was released. If anyone is on the fence about the 1s dont be. you'll be plenty satisfied with your decision if you buy one. i do suggest at least the 1tb version. oh and btw, the gears of war edition does come with the stand. and comes with the gears of war digital download and 14 day xbox live trial. Happy Gaming! I AM!!!

  2. I wold like an Xbox one

  3. Juan-Jacques Le Roux

    Love the music, reminds me of metal gear solid.

  4. What a terrible review. He would rather get the VHS size original with a massive power brick, no 4K support and less power then the sleep S with it's fantastic pad, which doesn't feel like "sand paper" but feels rubber(obviously) and grippy as hell, blows the ps4 pad out of the window. Time to ignore gamespot for another year…Oh yeah, it upscales all games to 4k and has HDR, it's future proof, until the Scorpio. Being the cheapest 4k player on the market makes it an essential purchase for 4k movie fans. 4k disks are better then 4k streamed too.

  5. I just got it because it had a white controller.I don't think i'll ever own the xbox scorpio when it comes out,either way dark souls 3 isn't going to be upgraded to 4k so i'm good.

  6. Joshua Palomares

    can u use a normal TV or do u need to use 4k TV?

  7. Joshua Palomares

    can u use a normal TV or do u need to use 4k TV?

  8. 1. how do the bumpers feel coz on xbox 1 they are a bit stiff.
    2.i have an xbox 360 should i upgrade?
    3. does xbox 360 kinect work with the xbox 1 s?

  9. I hate when people say there are hardly an exclusives for Xbox one.. there are clearly a lot of console exclusives for Xbox one. Yes they go to PC because MICROSOFT makes most of the damn games, BUT they are still console exclusives. The average every day gamer isn't buying a gaming PC they are buying a console. With that being said the Xbox one has good exclusives

  10. It's worth it just on the strength of the 4K blu Ray player.

  11. José mvs y SmartMeteor10 padilla

    en cuanto sale???

  12. What should I get PS4 or Xbox One S… and reasons why plz

  13. hey brother I am from Nicaragua and I haven't had never a x box I am thinking to get one do u recommend to get the Xbox one side 500GB

  14. next gen systems are still shitty I'll stick to my xbox xbox360 ps2 ps3 n64 I'll save money till games get better along with the systems

  15. does Xbox one S have backward compatibility.

  16. AwesomeMiles8

    So basically a last minute cash grab before the Scorpio comes out.

  17. AwesomeMiles8

    So basically a last minute cash grab before the Scorpio comes out.

  18. CaptainRidley

    You CAN use an external HDD. I use a 1tb 7200RPM drive.

  19. Your crazy I can have a 4K HDR Blu Ray player and play my Xbox games upscale to 4K on a 4K TV this is a must buy I have a year to save up for the Scorpio it's all good u can use it on a normal 1080p N E ways till u are able to get a 4K TV folks

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