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CGRundertow MEDAL OF HONOR: AIRBORNE for Xbox 360 Video Game Review

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  1. TheMetalMilitia144

    Picked this up for 5 bucks on the backward compatible sale and I have no regrets! (Least not yet)

  2. i have cod 1, 2, 3 and just picked up this game to play again for the 2nd time. love the old school look and sound of these games. though i must get the cod classics as well.

  3. Lieutenant Raepfist

    When you were speaking about the controls, all I could think was "Mouse and keyboard for the win. I love the customization."

  4. Interesting, I thought this game looked incredible for the time and I still think it looks great in 2017

  5. MinecrafterPlays Minecraft

    I remember this on the Nintendo wii ahh memories

  6. gabriel sylvestre

    Medal of Honor needs to wait until PS5 comes out to reboot the series.

  7. Patriots/Forza Fan

    The key to this game is to literally run and gun, taking cover when needed. I tried playing it like other first person shooters and became so frustrated at how crappy the gun becomes when you aim down the sights. However if you spray And shoot without aiming, your accuracy automatically becomes godlike and enemies will be going down in seconds.

  8. not the best medal of honor but not a bad game

  9. I don't get why people like this game. Weapons are inaccurate and frustrating to shoot, you are often short on ammo because only one enemy in ten drops any, and the enemies themselves fidget around the place skipping frames of animations when getting in and out of cover, then doing stupid crap like running out of cover to punch you in the face and flying around with wonky physics. The controls are really bad too, even on PC, just like the missions are awful, forcing you to redeploy from the sky whenever you die and featuring ridiculous grenade spamming (I once counted SIX grenades landing in exactly the same spot on top of one another.

    Give this one a pass.

  10. TheUnbeholden

    AI keep up with you? They run around like headless chickens…

  11. This game was alright. But was it the best in series? In my opinion, nope.

  12. rusty shackleford

    ah they dont make world war 2 games like they use to now days crap world war 2 games it only care about multiplayer

  13. Homeschool Dropouts

    I don't know why the default control scheme was that way for you.
    Mine was:
    A – Jump
    B – Melee
    X – Reload/Use
    Y – Change Weapons
    RB – Switch from guns to grenades
    LB – Sprint
    L3 – Crouch
    R3 – Use attachments

  14. Daniel Thomas

    What ruined this game for me was the health pack system. now there are games were health packs work perfectly such as in Dead Space and F.E.A.R. but a world war II open military shooter just dont seem to go well with health packs

  15. I miss the days when ww2 games where everywhere those are my favourite games, and when I bought this one I LOVED IT, everything about it was amazing hopefully they will continue with ww2 games like this!

  16. i miss ww2 shooters.i mean just imagine this kind of game on the new consoles,would be freakin mind blowing

  17. Matt Misanthropy

    Excellent review. I totally agree with the last line too – That they should have continued on with from here, rather than taking a path (Modern Warfare) that have been covered and mastered by others. WWII games is what everyone loved about MOH, why change? I would absolutely love to see their games remade for current systems. Hell, I'm tempted to even go back to the originals. 

  18. Delvin Walton

    great game fun game love it

  19. No blood. Why the fuck would you make a shooter without gore?

  20. This was still a good Medal of Honor game. The new MoH games are just terrible (I am talking about the "modern" ones which are trying to copy CoD so hard…)

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