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Nintendo Wii Console Color Review

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  1. Actually the Mario Kart Wii bundle was GameCube backwards compatible I think you're mistaken would be new Super Mario Brothers Wii bundle, that one came with a black Wii that isn't backwards compatible but it also came with a Super Mario Galaxy CD.

  2. I actually have a launch wii

  3. Did you ever get the Black Wii?  I think it looks pretty cool really.  The Red Wii is way cooler, but I still think the Black Wii is neat.

  4. You are missing the Wii Mini…it is a horrible console but a must have for any Nintendo owner

  5. For any reason you don't want that blue wii nunchuk let me know. I have the blue Wii remote but it's driving me crazy that I don't have the matching nunchuk. My cousin bought me one as a present but I think it was an off brand and it was a different shade of blue.
    But if anyone knows of where I can buy an official Nintendo blue Wii nunchuk please tell me

  6. What about the black wii?

  7. OctobersVeryOwn

    Your opinion

  8. ozzietheluckyrabbit

    Red is the best! New wii SUCKS ASS and the white one is ugly as hell

  9. Yes you can. If you go into the video to about the 4:00 min mark you could see were it is BC. Thanks for watching.

  10. Can you play Nintendo Gamecube Games on a Red Nintendo Wii?

  11. I have the blue one. I play wwe games on it and C.O.D MW Reflex and I like how he said "see ya on the flip side" at the end.

  12. Jeremys crazy world

    I have a black one. I mainly play it for CoD WaW except I have waw for pc too.

  13. nice video…

  14. where is the black one?

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