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Classic Game Room – FRONT MISSION review for Nintendo DS

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  1. Lmaoooo i died when u said it's a whites man's world for robot parts of something like that

  2. Bar crawl with robots. That should be the quote on the box.

  3. stupidreligionz

    Which version should i play SNES or NDS? (emulation)? What are the differences? any gameplay differences?

  4. the original Front Mission is one of my all-time favorite strategy games.

  5. Code Geass: Royd of the rebellion

  6. I love strategy games, and i love mechs, but without an interesting story i get bored easy. Hopefully the missions themself are entertaining enough to keep me playing.

  7. Hengki Kusuma Adi

    Destroy all parts in order to grinding for experience.

  8. This is not a joke but a real question. The Japanese snes version the main character is named Lloyd. The American ds version his name is Royd. Are they make fun of how Japanese pronounce their L's?

  9. front mission 5 is on ps2 right ? good news it's been fully translated to english !

  10. it looks… very similar to the one on Super Nintendo

  11. I will :p

  12. Jullian Sebrero


  13. I hope this runs well on the 3ds. I'm buying one.

  14. more tactical rpg on the ds?need recommendations please

  15. nothing better than super robots war L

  16. they have front mission 5 english version on the fan page. I played it. it's amazing. Just download the iso file. If u know how to burn it out and play on ps2 do it or just use emulator and play it.

  17. Front mission 3 was my fave!!! Loved it!! I wish they brought 5 to the us/uk! A new one would be awesome not that FPS crap version!!

  18. I used to play this game a lot, went through a lot of play throughs, got all of the large wanzers and the secret wepons

  19. Joe Brotherson

    Absolutely played the crap out of this game. Truly a remarkable game that is still even good considering how old the original is.

  20. R.I.P. FRONT MISSION SAGA… Hopefully a better company decides to bring you back, sooner or later, since Square Enix was too incompetent to truly know what they had in their hands. One of the best SRPG series (my personal favorite) ever. FRONT MISSION RULES…

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