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Gateway FX541XT Extreme Desktop Gaming PC

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  1. I ordered their newest one. the p-7809u fx……When I get it in i can review it for you. it's got 2.53ghz dual core! and 4gig DDR3 RAM! it's retail is $1250- I ordered mine from J&R for $1199

  2. highrollerr21

    thats my name lol

  3. Marcos Paulo Navarini

    Another copy of the video of the TigerDirectBlog.
    C´mon don´t copy the videos.

  4. this thing is waiting to be lit on fire after 2 hours of play.

  5. trying to copy logan… get off man…

  6. hmm..thats the older chassis. It's a BTX motherboard. A Dell XPS 630 would be better for aftermarket upgrades.

  7. Ruchira Sahan

    Great Albert you are doing well! keep it up!

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