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ASUS ROG G750JZ Gaming Notebook Overview

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  1. Ankanivattnet

    I have the one with 870m

  2. I have the G750JX with a gtx770m. This laptop is AWESOME!

  3. i want it 🙁

  4. lol the paper box is big like this guy

  5. Aleksi körkkö

    But how does the Wifi work.

  6. I need one of it….any one can donate? 😀

  7. So it doesn't have the option to change GPU like the RAM? A click in, click out…

  8. Ding Dong Ditch

    I'm still rocking the G74sx.
    Killer PC!
    Keep 'em coming…


    does asus g750jm support wifi miracast or intel wireless display (widi)?

  10. My Butler Jives

    I want a 120Hz laptop, what's my best option?

  11. Very impressed with my Asus ROG gaming laptop, but it needs better battery life lol

  12. Can it run all emulators at full speed especially dolphin

  13. I hope it has better sound than the G75VW. 

  14. Xzzedward zzX

    I need the laptop for school not for gaming because I don't have time to game but I would love it for school

  15. Gabriele Aniello

    The asus "ROG" it's very ugly

  16. Hi guys, i discovered a fix for audio problems with asus rog G750JZ, the ONLY driver with no audio issue is realtek in date 5 november 2013. Try this and audio will be perfect with no more audio flickering! http://kickass.to/realtek-high-definition-audio-drivers-r2-73-6-0-1-7083-whql-t8160140.html

  17. Is is one of the best gaming laptops bcuz it doesn't cost 100 more than a similar desktop and it trips on 4000 dollar alienwares

  18. Guillaume Dewaele


    Can we use simultaneously the vga, DP & hdmi ports to have 3 externals screen without daisy chaining the DP ?


  19. WaterWorldPlanet

    wait is it using the nvidia geforce gtx 880m? or the Nvidia geforce gtx 800m?

  20. I bought this notebook (G750JZ) yesterday and it's very powerful thanks to Geforce GTX 880m but  unfortunately with my big surprise this notebook has very bad quality monitor, with only 60hz refresh,low luminosity and big dot pitch…… 🙁

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