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Amazon FireTV with Tablo OTA DVR quick review.

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  1. IšŸ’Ÿcrafting

    hi! what's the difference btwn a 2 tuner and 4. Do you have to get a subscription?

  2. where does the tablo store the files? its own hard rive? a usb drive? will it save to a network attached drive? I have a NAS. I want to save files there.

  3. I'm confused about how to connect my Amazon Fire TV to the Tablo system so that I can watch Amazon programming on ALL my TV's? I only have one (1) Amazon Fire TV device.

    Also, must I have a streaming device (Fire TV, Chromecast, Roko, etc.) connected to each and every one of my TV's in order to receive the signal from my Tablo? Is there any way to use a wired connection?

  4. I'm a little mixed of here… do you need the "Tablo" hardware also… or can you just use the Tablo "App" on the Amazon Fire tv for this to work?

    Also… does the Tablo hardware help you get more OTA channels?

  5. george sandoval

    Is the guide free for only 30 days?

  6. maboroshistudio

    Thanks for doing this review! How is the speed of the Tablo app on the new Fire TV? I have the Amazon fire stick and the Tablo app is SUPER slow on it. I am debating on the Fire TV / new Apple TV / Roku 4…

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