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Ghost Recon: Wildlands Review! Surprisingly Broken? (PS4/Xbox One)

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  1. Working on the Breath of the Wild review and this video at the same time was really difficult but Im glad I was able to get them both done on time. 😛 Feel free to like this vid and share it somewhere if you want to help me out!

  2. gametag: UrEntireFamily4 . Also looking for someone to play with
    games i want: for ghost recon
    I hv gta5, rainbow six siege(with season pass), battlefield1, halo5, minecraft, black ops 3, homefront revolution, ark , fifa 16, destiny, watch dog2,

  3. Rahshan Rocquemore

    is the game worth buying????????

  4. reminds me of how no enemy's could see Ellie in the last of us. we didn't care then so why now?

  5. has enyone seen the ghille suits…

  6. Radical SatiRICKal

    Shaaaaaaaam Wow!
    Good review, may get this on sale.

  7. Fucking hate how u talk. Just being honest.

  8. You sound like an infomercial.

  9. Rigged for Epic

    Great review mate, very fair summary 👍🏻

  10. no offence your looking at the PLAIN site thing a bit wrong. You were playing offline with ai teammates, I know for a fact that ubi dosnt have the time to spend 1000 hours programming a ai that is super smart. So the ai teammates dont get spotted by enemies because you would be super pissed if you lost because a ai teammate goofed up. If this did happen ubi would be receiving more hate from that than this so cut them a bit of slack.

  11. it's a terrific game slay and let slay in Bolivian swamps and jungles, forest, salt flats plantations,etc

  12. This game is a huge let down. There are so many bugs and bad parts I nearly returned it. I'm very dissatisfied with Ubisoft, way to bone your customers Ubisoft

  13. Did you even play the game. "Driving, flying and shooting all work fantastic" are you on drugs. Yes the shooting works fine I will even concede that it works fantastically but the driving and flying are abysmal. The helicopter is dam near impossible to use and the planes works great, until you want to use the rear tail fin to make minor adjustment left or right (granted not being able to use the tail fin could have been just me maybe I just couldn't figure out the controls for the fin). The driving… holy shit you are better off fucking walking. The only thing that is even close to drivable are the motorcycles. The only good point the game has is the multiplayer possibilities, being able to play with your friends and screw around. However, that's not even close to being worth $60+ and that price doesn't include the impending dlc that I am sure won't be free or even in excpencive.

  14. Cheeky Squirrel Nuts

    I have a question. Watching this video, the world itself looks beautiful and well rendered, but the enemy character models and some of the objects in the world look somewhat last gen. Is it just my computer screen deceiving me, or is the game a bit inconsistent in the visuals department? Not that graphics are the end all be all of a game, but I would have thought that by now developers would know the hardware well enough to make things look like they all belong together in the same world.

  15. Good review but 7.5 seems a little high to me based on the things you said.

  16. lol, enemies are not dumb by any means, they just cant see your AI teammates when you are soloing. Also how does this has 0 story? Im not even a hardcore completionist, im only picking up about 40% of the collectibles and they give you so much story… not to mention the 6 hrs of cinematics cutscenes lol…

  17. Casey Kasem is that you ?

  18. Boon Khong Foo

    Can this game support local co-op aka split screen?

  19. This guy talks so faking annoying

  20. is anyone going to say this is a good game? I like it

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