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CGR Undertow – GRID AUTOSPORT review for Xbox 360

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  1. Grigori Rasputin

    derek is right this game is a real piece of shit for fags

  2. Boyracer13 Gaming

    I ain't going to be the person who gets upset with this but if you don't understand racing sims then why are you reviewing them. Go and review a game that you understand and are comfortable with (and this is coming from a 13 year old). If you prefer arcade racers then review a arcade racer and stop complaining that you don't understand racing sims.

  3. Shing Fung Cheung

    your commentary sucks

  4. -1. Why the fuck do the guy that doesnt like racing games review racing games!? Like nfs u2 on undertow: the worst review ever

  5. this channel has some interesting reviews but this one sucks. All I heard were comments about how you don't like these types of games and how you think it's too diffficult. I'm still waiting for the review…

  6. Pedro Dorantes

    I fucking love this game, it's the best codemasters game I've ever played

  7. The Tranceporter

    It's not the most realistic game, but we all got what we wanted with it – at least the older gamers who played the 90s TOCA games like myself were quite pleased with the Touring Legends pack, and the content in this game itself is absolutely amazing. This, DiRT Rally and F1 2013 are the best games by Codemasters from the 2010s.

  8. why the fuck did they put a reviewer that suck ass at race simulations games and dont know jack shit about this kind of games


  10. Gaming, Ranting and Chaos

    Dude…you suck at playing this game…go back to Mario Kart you casual ass 😀 

  11. Why would a whiny bitch that doesn't enjoy games like this be reviewing it? Horrible review!

  12. Then what racing games do you play besides Mario Kart?

  13. This is such a perfect review. i was a huge fan of grid 2, but then this….

  14. "Autosport is all about racing, realistic simulation racing"
    You probably shouldn't review racing games if you think this is realistic and hard!!.. .

  15. If he doesn't like the genre then why did they get him to review it?

  16. elijah sanders

    Wtf this video is pretty good

  17. If I hadn't already bought this game and wasn't having fun with it I would do so after watching your review.  It is not a Mario/Crash type of arcade racing game.  As you said.  To each their own tastes.  I appreciate your balanced approach in the review.

  18. Walter: "It really tied the room together did it not?"

    The Dude : "Fuckin-a."

  19. Louie Malvessi Music

    Very useless review 🙁 I'll start reviewing operas. I know shit about it neither I like it or get it. Makes sense.

  20. For the love of god, stop reviewing things you cannot grasp. It's like me trying to review a tampon.

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