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RIDGE RACER Ultimate Edition – PS VITA Review

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  1. meh…guess I'll go for need for speed instead. This game looks like a joke. How is this game worse than the one on PSP!

  2. Sony and namco are a joke for doing this to a great franchise mate .unacceptable not to have a good career mode offline

  3. so is there no actual offline career mode mate .what a disgrace

  4. Great review! Thanks for that. As a point of feedback your voice vs music levels makes it hard to hear you some times.

  5. Hi Stephen great review! I recently purchased this game and it came with a redeem code to get tracks and cars, a shame that it expired in 2012 lol, guess I'll have to keep up with 3 tracks

  6. the ultimate edition that should have been released at day one. instead of the half arsed fiasco version that nearly killed the game on day one of release… and why this aint playable on the pstv in europe when it is in japan is still a mystery…

  7. 88 free soundtracks? no way!!!

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