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Sony PSP – Split Second PSP Review

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  1. I think the psp version of Split Second is the worst, also its ios port

  2. William Mallion

    It is my favorite Psp game❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. is it better than burnout legends, according to gameplay? and, what is the the difference between this and the 'velocity'?

  4. Are you sick?

  5. rachetandclank3

    better graphics than NFS Most Wanted for PS Vita.. literally

  6. whats the difference between split second and split second velocity ?

  7. lol both goku and vegeta are angry about the sound

  8. What's to lock de Rig race?

  9. Daewmon ITstuffz

    He shouldnt speak more loudly his voice already hurts my ears…..

  10. Battlefield 1942 Argentina

    you sound like a nerd stereotype from the 80s…, whats your real name? pointdexter?

  11. Kind of jealous of that "Keep on Trucking" mode, not in the regular versions.

  12. Alejandro Delatorre

    lesbianish voice

  13. Observed Marker

    His voice is so fucking weird…

  14. brbgamingcentral

    Hey nice review i have this game for my ps3 and i want it for my psvita and you made me want to buy it thanks

  15. carlos holanda m.h

    review with stephen hawking!… auHSUhuShus

  16. yasen genovski

    lol thanks

  17. The biggest drawback of this game is that whenever there is a big explosion, your car will be automatically drawn to the direction where the explosion happens, not fair at all

  18. very informative love it

  19. Great review, you covered everything. Keep up the awesome work my friend.Im heading over to ps store to get this for my vita, Sony owe you some commision money.


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