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Classic Game Room – PLANTS VS. ZOMBIES for Nintendo DS review

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  1. The Nintendo port was amazing I could not get off my ds cause of this game it was amazing!

  2. Object Odyssey

    god your flower placement makes my ocd go crazy

  3. I hate when people say "stop talking about graphics it looks better to me anyone agree?", that's stupid saying that a downgrade will be better, I got the pc version for only a dollar which by the way is original and wayyyy better than this trash Nintendo port.

  4. This looks like was originally for GBA.

  5. 〈Мугивара〉Zoro


  6. The channel for Everything awesome

    I've got both pvz1 and pvz2 I mostly prefer pvz1 and they are both on my iPhone 4s and was wondering if u think its a good idea to get it on my ds?

  7. the worst thing about this version is that your hand and the stylus blocks most of the view on the screen 🙁

  8. Chaotic Tyrant

    It cost just as much if not more then the other versions yet it has the graphics of a GBA game compared to the other ports. And it doesn't run as smoothly as the other versions. When it comes to multiplats Its always nice to have the version with the better graphics especially if they all play the same and cost just about the same because It just creates an even better experience. Its a good game but this is the worst version.

  9. ThePolohetfan276

    but the thing is you can get it on ios for way cheaper and it looks better

  10. OldSchoolAddict

    The iPod version is better graphic wise. That explains why I like this over the bloons tower defense games because I suck at the BTD games.

  11. does this work on ds lite?

  12. It doesn't look old, calm your jets. It looks lazy, they basically ported the iphone version of this game and resold it for 20 bucks retail. There were no limitations, they could've done much more with the game.

  13. what really stop me from getting this game is the lack of a 10th seed spot, that one is vital in the lasting mode for the game, the only one that give a lot of replay value

  14. Best video game ever!

  15. SSGSuperSonicGaming

    because there are not as much pixels in a ds as there are in those

  16. They're the exact same.

  17. 6-bit? You obviously have no idea what you're talking about.

  18. ImmaEverything

    What is the difference between the ds version and dsiware and which is better

  19. @TOBxCO there is a mode on the iPod version were there are pre arranged planes and you have to destroy them with zombies

  20. darkersupershadow99

    meet the lawnmower:ahem zombies

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