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1 GHz Gaming | The Extreme CPU Underclock

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  1. wh1teey x maxi

    Can you pin this comment?

  2. is it possible to underclock to a point were a cooler isn't needed? I doubt it's possible

  3. Ryzen 7 1800X underclocked to 1 GHz with 4 Titan Xp's.

    Will it work?

  4. Legend days that if you are extremely late. He won't reply.

  5. Stormchaser Elite

    That's the cpu I ordered for my build xD I hadn't even seen your channel till today! Good to know its a good cpu.

  6. Speaking of CPU intensive, try FSX with pmdg addon on that underclocked cpu, I can assure you it will not be playable at all

  7. It's "Merry Christmas", not "Happy Holiday" mr. PC Noob.

  8. Fegelein Boris


  9. Should do this on other CPU's, I think its a good test of how well the cores work

  10. Oh boy, I feel out of place watching this with an i7 7700K @ 5.1GHz…….

  11. Maurizio Schinocca

    i have a mouse!

  12. Tomas Zakrocki

    That moment when GTA V runs as well on 1ghz as it did on a last gen console

  13. it is 4.20 take the . off and its 420 MEMESSS

  14. i use twin e5620's and i commonly underclock them to 1.6ghz,and even at that speed its finely speedy for 99% of the games i play (mostly gta5)
    i use a 970,128gb ssd for boot (and a few hdd's in raid0 for games) and 28gb of ddr3 in triple channel.
    i have 8cores and 16threads,and am actually upgradign cpu's soon to 6core units.
    but yeah under 2ghz is just fine. :p

  15. once i tried to overclock dual core cpu it went wrong and the clock speed went down to 0.880 ghz lol

  16. 1GHz isn't really that low. My PC regulate the clockspeed according to usage. At idle it goes down to 800 MHz on all my 6 cores.

  17. ZekromTV Windows and more

    4.20 ghz = 420

  18. I have a spare pc which is only couple years old with a amd proccesor – 2 cores/2 threads and 1.3 ghz

  19. Vintagehorizonsss Tv

    the difference in FPS was smaller than expected wth ? i hope phones can output 1 GHz soon so that we get to play games like GTA 5 on it or even better have proper ps2 emulators !!!

  20. It's crazy to see just how good the pentium line of cpus actually are in terms of performance. Everyone always says that you need an i5 for a good gaming experience, but that doesn't seem to be true.

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