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Friday The 13th: The Game Review (Xbox One) | Jason Can’t Kill You, if You Can’t Play

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  1. XxSamGotFamexX

    it dosent let me play quick match on Xbox one. if you guys wanna play add me ( Xbox one ) Chubbysammv2

  2. The corn puffer Jr

    I wish I would've frickin seen this before I went out and bought the game

  3. The corn puffer Jr

    Can anybody play with me i have no friends lol

  4. Xtreme Saiyan2017

    The servers are gay.

  5. party chat makes the game better

  6. Horrorboy 1978

    I've had a lot of fun with this game
    And I've had no problems with it
    I'd give it 4 1/2 out of 5

  7. GrypheonSteele

    I'll gladly buy the game once everything is fixed

  8. and who says there won't be dlc added to make the game more fun

  9. and in my opinion fuck your option…. your opinion is just god awful piss poor makes me wanna kill myself and if you dont like it delete it tf

  10. everybody isn't perfect…. perfect servers dont exist day 1 in my opinion lol every game has server issues when they come out

  11. KillerLullabies

    U guys suck at reviewing games yes the game has issues what game dont at first and second ps4 ver is better and third i find the game verry fun and had fun def worth 40 dollers if u cry bitches can wait till the patch to fix it other then that you guys need to give this game alot more credit then ur bullshit rant

  12. Shughilan Ganesan

    damn I really wanted to play this game

  13. wow, what a fuckin neat game, what a waste of damn 40 dollars

  14. what did y'all expect from a small developer realising to multiple ports?
    were you expecting dedicated servers with a polished game? 😂🤣 Just give it some time. they might fix most of the issues.
    speaking of crappy servers. do y'all remember when For Honor released? yeah, the servers were complete trash and rediclous microtransactions… to this day people are still having issues! Which there is NOOO good excuse for since Ubisoft is such a huuuuge company.
    I don't get why people are mad at kickstarter. lol. supporting any company on there is a gamble. I personally will continue to support small developers. You never know…the next game from kickstarter could be great. so, stop being butthurt. Nobody forced you to back the game.
    Anyways, I agree about the price point and a couple other things.
    thanks for your opinion and your time!!

  15. WorldA3 - GAMERTAG


  16. Carlos Barillas

    this games sucks period on any console …

  17. Night Lord 40K

    This game is not worth 20 bucks

  18. Vinicius Catapreta

    I cant find any session on my Xbox…People say that private matches work, so, if you wanna play, please add me: ViniciusCE

  19. Don't you like it Rand lol I won't bother with it

  20. Also just a heads up. That singleplayer DLC coming for free is just offline bots from what I understand. Don't expect a story or anything special.

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