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Resident Evil Remake Review – XBOX 360

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  1. only thing stopping me from playing this is the camera. Why can't it be like resident evil 4 and up?

  2. kaden overstreet

    I would love see you review RE 0

  3. Crusty The Wank Sock

    I wonder where Jill stores the 2 additional items…?

  4. Why would you play as RE5 Chris? There are no boulders to punch in RE1…

  5. you always have such awesome montages in your videos.

  6. The voice acting is a drastic improvement over the original.

    Fun Fact: In military nomenclature, "Alpha Team" is another name for an "A-Team." In RE1 police nomenclature, "Alpha" and "Bravo" simply refer to different detachments.

  7. Awesome!! Check my music/videos out and like/comment back if you like..

  8. Mr. A-Ortiz 37

    Do you know what button to press when a zombie/dog/hunter bits you? because when the dog is biting my hand, I press all the buttons raptly and the dog wont shove off (Let go).

  9. Joseph Toscano

    If anyone thinks these old Resident Evil games are too easy, try Resident Evil 0 on the highest difficulty. It is by far the most difficult in the series.

  10. Holiday Styles

    u helped out the good Doctor u earned a subscripton……….All hail Wolfula

  11. Interesting. I never got round to playing this title, though I DID purchase it for the GameCube a year back. I'm afraid that I played RE4 (GC) & it just blew me away with how addictive the game is, both in terms of depth, weapon upgrades, & the stupendous voice acting! Resident Evil 4 is so perfected that everything seems like a downgrade by comparison. How you can combine treasures, use Ashley to find a gun, shoot Zombies in the leg or arm, upgrade your briefcase for more items & roam free etc it genius. So detailed is this game that Ashley even calls you a "Pervert" if you try to look up her skirt! It's also a great length, & the monsters just keep getting better! It's definitely my all time most raped game! Though Tomb Raider (Xbox360) is creeping up on it now! ;)b

    I might give this a try though.

  12. Yea i loved the gamecube version… You should definetly try to review more video games

  13. P.Aux Tha BeatMaker

    Nice review of game bro

  14. Is this Resident Evil the remake of the gamecube version ?????????????

  15. I do believe that Oliver Harper should just start reviewing everything. Just as with his movie reviews, the game reviews are just as good. He does a very good job.

  16. PTSD 'It's Only Me'

    A revamp of 'Dino Crisis' and 'Alone In The Dark' is well over due ☺

  17. You should consider reviewing more great games that has come out throughout the years. Red Dead Redemption, GTA, Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy etc.


  19. No clue why your videos don't have more views. Some of the most thoughtfully put together stuff out there. Don't stop.

  20. I agree, this is Resident Evil at it's best indeed.

    Then comes the 3rd game in my books and then 2nd. 🙂

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