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KenSingTon Sport Vii Review (‘Chintendo’ Wii rip-off)

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  1. Christopher T.

    I do not miss these weird endings.

  2. thing with a lot of these chinese things is that they appear to be exported for japan

    i spotted some japanese on the box

  3. This is the video that got me into ashens 😂😂

  4. I've gotten more entertainment outta watching and rewatching this video and indirectly this rip-off Vii, then I got outta my actual Wii.

  5. Totally Unfocused

    i dont think thats chinese…

  6. Sin-namon Roll

    G R E E N G R A S S

  7. McLuhan's Cool Radio Media

    You were so formal in your early days … did you wear a dinner jacket too?

  8. David Stephens

    Obscure Spike Milligan reference at the very end!

  9. This a video shit gmae china? oh…… is so shit….

  10. Green Grass!

  11. Beltechi Vladi

    2017 anyone?

  12. Construction Toy Dude

    Wow, a rip off console that isn't completely terrible. What's with the tribute to Claude Greengrass at the end?

  13. XD i ALSO thought about "pee", that rhymed with vii

  14. kaj vandergeest

    "At least it's not 144p"

  15. This is one of my first Ashens review. He is surprisingly not full of criticism here lol.

  16. Melted Moon Gaming


  17. Mαяу Uηινєяѕє

    8 years later and the only thing that changed on this channel was the camera quality! That's so cool

  18. "Alacrity does mean happy. I looked it up."

    I thought Dr. Stuart Ashen wouldn't need to look it up… 😉

  19. Wow, he was really forgiving 9 years ago, almost praising this crap Wii ripoff. Nowadays he's critical of even good stuff.
    Also look at the url, it's ending with "iiEw", I'm sure it was trying to spell "Vii, Ew"

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