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Original Fat Nintendo DS (Blue) Review

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  1. Matthew Schultz

    How's the D-pad?

  2. i am going to buy one soon!

  3. The dsi was so gimmicky! The DS and DSlite is where it's at! Backwards compatibility keeps the door open for tons of classic games.

  4. I've just buy a used DS phat and after some minutes of gameplay it hurts my eyes, never happened with ds Lite. so what's the problem?  🙁

  5. connorisawesome1123

    I still have one of these. 🙂

  6. I highly recommend this over the lite (eventhough the lite is my personal fave.) cuz when you put in gba games it fits perfectly well. i know this has the same features as the lite..

  7. A White Mon Calamari

    THis was the best version of the nintendo DS (not including 3ds)

  8. Hello CarolineKate

    just won this on auction for £2.38! very happy 🙂

  9. I agree; I was a little bummed when the 3DS did away with the advance slot 🙁

  10. Nice videos; It's weird; I'm 30 but cannot ever remember this coming out… I got the DS lite in '08… So I have a strange fascination with the DS phat.

  11. ClassicGames4U

    6 months ago, I got mine from Gamestop for only $40.

  12. But 3ds and wii is more expensive than gba sp

  13. GBA SP is better than ds or 3ds or wii

  14. 3:55 You Can See Suncin11 Face

  15. I bought this one in 2005 because its a much better way to play GBA games then on the GBA SP, That is because the SP is way too small for my large hands!

  16. MrFuggleGuggle

    God that thing was a piece of shit. DS lite was better than that by MILES — still arguably the best handheld of all time.

  17. 09gamewalkthroughs

    I agree and disagree with you

  18. Can i play pokemon black and white on this thing?

  19. @MrAbel94 Why?

  20. TechReviewsnStuff

    wow ur metroid is a bootleg on the cartridge it says its rating pending

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