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Extreme Gaming PC Wiring |How to build| Part 4 (ASUS)

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  1. Alexander Mathis

    your loud af

  2. Sugata Jonutiene

    yeah hi XD

  3. this is a stupid question but just wondering dose the power supply or whatever else you may be adding to your pc come with all the wiring you need. or is all that seperate

  4. 3 or 6 GB/s cables are a myth/ There's no difference

  5. thanks a lot brother this was very helpful

  6. If you got yourself a better PC case you'll have an easier time with cable management

  7. Its easy to mod a case, get a typical drill, and a set of whole saws. all can be gotten together for around 30$ very easy. youc an add extra holes, fan slots, very simple.

  8. Dead Ghosts Clan

    you could use better case with 3k$ 

  9. oh noes, mw3 my only weakness*dies*

  10. Zach Sylvester

    it does not matter there all kinda the same

  11. windows 7

  12. benjamin trujillo

    is this windows 8 or 7

  13. All of the wires come with the case, and power supply

  14. in general, do you need to buy any cables on their own, or do they all come with the different parts? (as far as the internal wires)

  15. no it doesnt

  16. The best solution for that 8 pin cable is simple. Buy an 8 pin cable extension so you can feed that cable behind the motherboard and up through the motherboard tray hole near the top of the case.

  17. the 8pin CPU cable looks crap.

  18. please reply..

    1.question……. if my dvd drive connect in _SATA6G_ it is for the best or not?
    2.question……..if not good for dvd drive _SATA6G_ ..or… _SATA3G_ for use the sata cable serial 88 this best or not?


  19. Does it matter which 6gb sata connection the hard drive/optical drive plugs into?. I heard you talk about X79 and I have no clue what the hell that is. My computer is running good now i just wanted to see if i should check into it.

  20. You're right. The difference is on PC I don't have to listen to high frequency squeals in a multiplayer match

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