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Steep Review

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  1. HighTech LowLife


  2. So this is a SSX wanna be?!

  3. Seems far too overpriced… For what it is.

  4. Like for SSX 2018

  5. Ubisoft-kings of regurgitation and repetition.

  6. Fab et les critiques cinés

    One of my favorite ps4 games with the crew,nhl 16,madden 16,just cause 3,mafia 3,uncharted 4 and call of duty advanced warfare

  7. GalantisFan Est.2001

    Might be like SSX

  8. Im gonna get this game cuz i love skiing

  9. Erotic Yodeling

    So who else is here because of Steam sales?

  10. Brandon Anders

    i got this game…pretty intense..love the slo mo

  11. no racing?

  12. Don't get me wrong, the game is fun. But damn after an hour it's so boring!

  13. In not sure why sign gave this game 7.9 score. I kid you not there was a gamebreaking part of this game for me in my first hour of play. They actually expected me to hike 20 minutes up a mountain just to reach my next event. If you think in just bitching go try it. Also be warn the game is unplayable without internet and I was randomly kicked out several times. It deserves a 4.0.

  14. Chris Chandler

    I'm trying to play Steep on Xbox One free play weekend to decide if I would like to buy. Well I tried 3 times and it could not connect to servers so you can't play. This is why "always connected" aka " DRM" games are not worth buying.

  15. Free this weekend on Xbox and P4

  16. Dudefrom Norway

    SKATE 4!!!

  17. Seems like a pretty decent game

  18. Is this what our SSX4 is supposed to be?


    anyone know soundtrack?

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