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Unboxing & Review: Xbox 360 Slim black

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  1. Background music at 0:39

  2. that was awesome 👍👍👍

  3. the wonder bro

    I subscribed

  4. D4RTHVAD3R2004 is my name

    is he even greatful for the things inside the box besides the Xbox 360

  5. i have ps 145

  6. yeah you can

  7. sorry I ment how much money for it

  8. how muck money for it

  9. +Matt Kaczynski dfd#

  10. Can you upgrade the HDD by using a 1tb laptop hdd? (I propably won't have to since I'm getting the 250GB edition but it's still good to know..)

  11. TheyCallMeJules

    Great video! 😀

  12. Felicia Taylor

    I have a Xbox 360

  13. gffki

  14. do you have to pay for playing online

  15. Where did you get that Xbox from?

  16. Javier Stiven Morales Piedrahita

    que buen video (Y)

  17. TheDiamondBlade [] Minecraft

    One of the best kids on the internet… One that has a proper camera…

  18. Can you watch movies on this Xbox 360 slim?

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