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Wii Mini Gaming Console – Unboxing and Overview!

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  1. this is probably the only comment left this year

  2. Techsource is there backwards compatibility on the wii mini? Like if someone had an original wii could it take there progress from the console and take to the mini? I just wanted to know

  3. Joao Eduardo Soares e Silva

    Go to a Real console? hahaha woow Nintendo gamers will be pissed of with this u.u

  4. Nice video …

  5. Might as well buy the wii

  6. Nice overview!! Kudos you guys

  7. Can you play wii u games on that?

  8. Would definitely get this if given the chance! Keep up the cool vids, TechSource!

  9. Cyril Rebusquillo


  10. Haha I love how they gave red everything!

  11. Best unboxing/overview ever!! 🙂

  12.  i prefer xbox but i'm not even chosen. so sad 

  13. Brandon Terrazas

    Your reviews are quite excellent! I like these a lot, like holy crap! Keep up the great work!

  14. Chelsea Okumura

    This actually looks really cool. Love how the wii is red also.

  15. good console, good video information. Your are the best!

  16. That was ag reat unboxing and overview keep doing your thing was great to waatch 🙂

  17. etienne bouchard

    Hey TechSouce, i really always enjoy your video, you a really great youtuber!
    i'm actually also gonna get the this mini wii soon too, i can't wait to try it of my own!

  18. EpiczCentral Connor

    wow that's actually pretty cool it tiny i kinda want one now cheers for uploading

  19. outstanding man nice kee , up the good work cool man nice keep up cool

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