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Muramasa Rebirth REVIEW (PS VITA) – Anime Lover’s Dream

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  1. SuperJumpReviews

    wow, it's so weird going back and watching this review after so many years, lol

  2. Can you use Dpad to move in this game? Using analog to move in a 2D game really sucks

  3. I just got this on January sale. It is gorgeous.

  4. Hector Spencer

    On discount right now in the Playstation Store

  5. Shigenari Imaishi

    It's on Black Friday Sale from November 24th – 28th 2016 so I came to get a review on it to see if I should take it. I hope salary payments will be released on the 28th so I can get Odin too but there's a low possibility. Anyway, thanks for this review!!!

  6. Nathan Straker

    is this game as good as odin sphere I hear there is alot of back tracking?

  7. Fubuki Destroyer

    this and odin sphere remake are the best side scrolling games ever made. they are absolutely gorgeous and stunning

  8. hotline miami 2,one piece warriors 3 or this

  9. Just picked this up yesterday off PSN for $7.49. Playing it on my Playstation TV. My initial thoughts are the game is gorgeous and impressive. The art, style, and frame rate are incredible for a handheld game. It even looks great on the big screen tv. Can not wait to finish it.

  10. Great review! May I ask how you filmed this video? It's not always easy to get good footage of handheld games without a capture tool. You did a fantastic job!

  11. ForestofCicadas

    I started on chaos mode. My only regret is having to wipe off my sweaty palms after a boss battle. Tough stuff. Great game:)

  12. Lol professional game talker hahahahahaha

  13. i played this a lot on the Wii and i gonna play even more on the Vita!

  14. William Linares


  15. Great review man! Definitely I'll go for that title once I have a chance ;)!

  16. the artistic programmer

    Aside from the DLC and the translation, what are the differences between the wii version and the psvita version? I would like to get the psvita version of it, and I have the Wii verson. I heard that the translation for the wii version was not as good as the psvita
    one. Which version is the better one?

  17. Dude, Cut your nails.

  18. I own this game and the vita and i have to say it is the best game i've played in a long time. When i bought it i honestly didn't think i would like it but i recently beat it and wow everything ties together so well. Plenty of content and play time with two story's that had me jaw dropped at the end and kind of sad it was over. I'll definitely have my eyes open for the next installment. Just know if you're thinking of buying it your money won't be wasted.

  19. Might pick up this game tomorrow since I already platinum freedom wars.

  20. Recycled Vessel

    Nice review, i'm thinking of picking up the Muramasa Rebirth Complete Collection on psn which comes with all the dlc.

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