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Classic Game Room – ETRIAN ODYSSEY III for Nintendo DS review

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  1. Naoto Akashosu

    What's better than adventuring across the ocean atop of D I S C O ? XD
    Anyway, nice review. Glad you saved near the end.

  2. This game has a deep story (haha) with multiple endings. The story and its twists come when you least expect it to. EO3 also has a top-tier soundtrack, interesting lore, and addicting gameplay. 11/10 would continue to play.

  3. I dropped my head when he used Volt Star on the claw shrimp.

    Needs to pay some drinks at the Butterfly Bistro.

  4. VitalemRecords

    Great Review!

  5. This looks like shit. I hate these first person dungeon crawlers, so many these days. Need more TRPGs and FF style JRPGs.

  6. Tommy TwoTacos

    your dead pixel is bothering the hell out of me.

  7. NoCoffeeNoLife

    In terms of dungeon crawling this game shits on Persona but then again I don't care for waifu/dating sim shit~

  8. He didn't use the right icon for FOEs >.>

  9. This is definitely the best DS game! (Next to Dragon Quest IX, and I'm being serious here…)

  10. posted on my birthday

  11. I want a recording of 0:52 to play every time I need that bit of motivation xD

    I'm the best. I'm a winner!

  12. i'm glad i have a 3ds !! best JRPGS than all other consoles Except Ni Nu Kuni! 

  13. No lie though, Atlus is like the king of Jrpgs/Rpgs.

    They know what they're doing.

  14. Oooh, okay, thanks. Also, yeah, i misread your comment; sorry about that!

  15. I can't say 100%, because I don't own the 3rd EO (sorry for missleading comment of mine).
    Biggest new thing is ability to sail on ocean with ship, which mean more exploring.
    There are probably more little extra things, like new jobs or abilities.
    Anyway my advise to you is that if you want to play a good RPG on DS, then buy this game.
    Any part from this series is going to be OK.
    I must warn you though is that EO can be pretty hardcore RPG for beginners.

  16. Is the third game a huge step up from the first? I was thinking of getting one or the other.

  17. First found out about this series from CGR while watching a review of Etrian Odyssey IV. Bought that game about a month after, and I'm pretty far into it.

    Having just watched this review, I want to play this one too. More frustration awaits! Yes!

  18. I have the first Etrian Odyssey & just resently bought the Etrian Odyssey IV.
    This game is suprisingly fun.
    Very tough sometimes, but it's still enjoyable playing it.
    Before I tried these type of games I was more into JRPGs like Final Fantasy & Breath of Fire.
    Now after I played this game & Dragon Quest series I learned to enjoy RPGs like this, that are more simpler in effects, animation ect.

  19. Well, I don't know when I'll find the time to play the 4th one of the 3ds because I have so many other games I want to play first 🙁

    What attracts me to a game is mostly story unless it's monster hunter

  20. Do these games have a story or are you just randomly fighting things and upgrading like monster hunter?

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