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INTEL i7-5960X, GTX Titan X Gamer & Render PC build, benchmark, game test

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  1. How prize in System

  2. nasim lamchaouri


  3. i have r7 370 2gb strix oc and amd fx 6300 overcloxked to 4.5ghz stock is 3.5ghz and 16gb ddr4 ram and gta v runnin 130fps all maxed out

  4. slenderman7676 Rblx

    I always wonder how do you get the money for all that stuff my parents would never buy me expensive high end stuff

  5. 1 1/3 Years later gtx 1070+r7 1700 is just fraction of the price

  6. Ok I similar components but my PSU in corsair AX1500i and 64 gig corsair dominator 2800 memory cpu is 5960x AND msi titan x. corsair 900D case same cpu cooler. Why didn't you install 64 gigs of ram mate you have a bottle neck.

  7. Amazing pc just perfect man !!

  8. tita x pascal ,titan x maxwell

  9. Filming it by and does not do it justice, use noida shadowplay it looks better, records screen with no fps drop …it looks like dog shite climbed by hand but I know that for u it was full HD

  10. Digital Alchemy

    anyone remember columns for megadrive? well, thus music… cheers for the vid.

  11. That is an extremely overkill psu considering you don't run raid, sli, crossfire…

  12. Milind Chandwe

    ni one shows rendering test.

  13. Kareem ABNORMAL

    my mom and dad bought me a tablet only

  14. Paulobraveheart M

    the cable management perhaps you cud make better …thanks
    that case is real good.

  15. Give it to me, I will give u 200$

  16. Mkhatami Abdul

    What is the name of the song from the start?Besides gaming,can this pc perform very well at productivity,editing,and assignment work?

  17. haha Lol I have diferent only vga and procecor a lga Ihave geforce 1080 and i7 and maximus extreme IIV

  18. Cem Yılazuriskut

    benim kasamın aynısı

  19. Dominicandante1 Gaming

    that case is ugly

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