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Battlefield 4: XBOX ONE Review ► The Full Experience

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  1. Does it take a ling time to get into games

  2. hey idk if there is a specific battlefield 4 xbox one disk or if i can use the 360 disk on the one. just wanted to know thanks

  3. I play battlefield on Xbox one. add my gamer tag is liplocky

  4. Efrain Carrion

    they all look the same.

  5. if there isnt i will happily pass

  6. are there bots in bf 4

  7. good review, thanks

  8. what sensitivity do u play on plz tell me intheworks and also do u use a monitor or a tv?

  9. I find the controls on the xbox one a bit off the aming delay or sensitivity just dsnt feel right. had no problem with the bad company games

  10. I need to know does Battlefield 4 run better on Xbox one than PS3. I have BF4 on my PS3 got it for 20.00 during a deal played some but it crashes constantly on it I even checked to see If I had the space for it, which I did. It crashes on both Single and Multiplayer. I will buy it for Xbox one, the only downside is that I have to pay to play online. I have xbox gold for 3 months and another 14 trial of it from my Halo 5 guardians copy didn't activate the 14 day trial yet.

  11. Corporal_Hicks 1977

    Great Review!!

  12. The-Guy-With-MOJO

    So I bought the game for 360 and ps3,I live it and all,but u find it very frustrating with the bad response times and lots of balancing issues,is it like that on Xbox One? (Got my new console a month ago) I do really enjoy the game,I love being a little bird pilot 😀 should I buy it or save?

  13. My battle field on Xbox one doesn't work:|

  14. Wer lust hat mit mir zu zoken aded mich bin dered devil kil
    Schaut mal bei meinem kanal vorbei

  15. Jared Marinelli

    In my opinion, controllers were made for gaming, Keyboards were not. Although PC is better I don't care. I love consoles all the way.

  16. marshall Winston

    I have battlefield 4 for Xbox one and it doesn't look nearly as good as yours does. What tv or monitor do you play on?

  17. "The battlefield 4 performance on the Xbox one is the equivalent of a low end PC"
    Are you serious?
    The settings of Xbox one battlefield 4 is medium-high 1080p(up-scaled) 60fps.

  18. Is BF4 worth buying on xbox one, need reply quick

  19. Nicholas Paget

    Getting battlefield 4 for xbox one and a new xbox one headset and no friends to play it with anyone up for some battlefield 4 with a twelve year old after Christmas lol

  20. Brandon from Kentucky

    Do people use mics on Xbox one quite often?

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