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NASCAR ’15 Review (PC, PS3 and Xbox 360)

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  1. the ps3 version is fine. there r some problems with online racing but besides that everything else is amazing. The AI can be stupid sometimes but the game is actually good on console.

  2. I like your commentary. Said no one ever

  3. Christopher Collinsworth

    anyone ever notice the car that can double the laps as you on fuel and tires? Just finished a race at Fontana where a car went about 70 laps without pitting.

  4. Did you choose some music from nascar thunder 2004 on purpose?

  5. RedLightningTheLegend

    i wish they would just make a game like EA used to, with the trucks, "busch" series (or whatever it is now), and sprint cup and maybe some smaller series like the Whelen or otherwise. maybe improve he ai too, because the ai is so linear youd think they intended it to be WATCHED instead of interacted with.

  6. Goose Gaming Videos

    How do you download this on Xbox?

  7. LowEndPCGamer100

    review 2003 season, if you've never played it you'll be amazed

  8. do u know if a low end computer will be able to run it okay?

  9. AI sucks in this game. I stay in my line and get spun out every time!

  10. therecanbeonlymike

    The Ai would rather run you off the road than give up their predetermined line of travel.

  11. Iracing.com

  12. Luckily Eutechnyx is gone and Dusenberry Martin Racing is in for NASCAR The Game: 2016

  13. nascar 15 victory edition. junk wasted my $10

  14. I got nascar 15 on The pc for $9.99 on steam.

  15. Demion Dipping Video,s

    is they a setting i have do to play onlins i can't get no players to game with

  16. That music… nothing new that was in the old Nascar Thunder 2004 game.. (assuming that music playing in the background was from Nascar 15)

  17. the ea sports nascar games were sooooo much better

  18. on ps3 the caution summary i can't continue i press x it flashes red and i have the exit out of the game just to play again

  19. Loved the video, come check out my channel, if you like what see please subscribe and email me if you want to collaborate.

  20. I have the PS3 version of this game. I just downloaded it. I know you can't do this in the PS3 version but in the PC version, can you import an image or logo into the paint booth that you download from the internet? It would be easier than trying to draw the logo freehand.

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