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Wii U Review – Wiiview?

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  1. the wii dissaointed you really. oh my must suck when movement is involved

  2. Marc St-Arnaud

    Just watched your Switch review. It's amazing how your style has evolved.

  3. My experiences with the Wii U:

    – A lot of Wii U games from 2012-2013 utilized the Gamepad to SOME degree…but by 2014-2015 most games on the Wii U made it so that you can just use the Pro controller to play a game from start to end (and earlier first party Nintendo games usually got this patched in). Well, that's made it pretty annoying now when you have to deal with this fairly substantial controller change-up less than halfway through the console's life-cycle

    – The Gamepad's charger cable is EXTREMELY fragile. I've already had to replace my original. It was very thin and although I was fairly careful with it, it's basically meant to last only if you never move it.

    – Pretty easily the best genre found on the system are platformers, from Super Mario 3D World to Rayman Legends to DKCTF

    – I really hate how Nintendo held Zelda BOTW over Wii U owners' heads as an exclusive for YEARS only to have it delayed for possibly up to a year just so that it can be the Switch's launch title

    – Star Fox: Zero is honestly the ONE game I had a miserable experience with the Gamepad's controls. Apparently Miyamoto forced his team to use the gamepad's motion controls in a style kinda reminiscent of the Wii, except using the pad's visual capabilities as well. Well, that game stands out like a sore thumb because by early 2016 the pro controller was basically interchangeable with the gamepad

    – Indie games have consistently been the BEST to make use of the gamepad, although some third party developers (like the guys behind Deus EX) took it pretty seriously early on in the Wii U's lifespan.

    – The Virtual console gets criticized a lot but it's pretty awesome – the save states are a big improvement over the Wii's VC, which can also be accessed thru the WIi U

    – Further, the GBA content on the Virtual Console is particularly awesome, and those ports come out looking great; also the SNES VC looks great…something about that 16-32 bit era I guess

    – No regrets in owning a Wii U and investing in it…games come from 3 sources: mainline retail games, including Ninty AAA exclusives; Virtual console Nintendo stuff, a treasure trove; random modern indie games that are almost always multiplat but are great to play on a Ninty console

  4. VeganKitchen ッ

    I googled Wii helps obese people? I'm so sorry

  5. el zukistrukis 100%real no Fake

    3 millones de suscriptores ja y yo soy el hijo de Superman

  6. David Campbell

    Get some exercise dude. I dont want to be rude but I am concerned. I…video games are a hobby not to be an addiction! You need a workout. Your a great youtuber I just can't stand imagining you in 14-20 years.

  7. good review! as a lover of all the old Nintendo games and wanting to get into some semi-serious gaming, this is the console for me. this will also give my younger siblings more reason to come over to my house…good times for all! — not to mention the internet streaming at my finger tips! thanks for the solid review.

  8. I always love the Exclusives such as the Mario games. And the remotes and interactions are just natural 😀


  10. Xbox 720? more like shitbox one

  11. Jaime Traverzo

    I love Nintendo wii u i.m have Nintendo wii u I love it I love all system i.m grow up with Nintendo

  12. Jaime Traverzo

    i.m happy u positive now can add Nintendo wii u

  13. Silent-J Tech Reviews

    +boogie2988  One of the best level-headed reviews I've seen. I know its getting on 3 years old but this review doesn't over-hype the console and gives true real life examples of how the console and gamepad are innovative and useful instead of an annoyance (like kinect is most of the time). also drives home the point that still stands up to this date, local multiplayer on the Wii U is unrivalled in the current game market, and it doesn't look like it will lose its place at the top anytime soon. Right now in 2015, coming from an owner of all three next-gen consoles, the Wii U is the best console for gamers who like consistently fun games in which you can actually share the experience with your friends when together, instead of watching each other play, you can all join in, and instead of ruining the experience like in a lot of new releases on the other consoles, it adds to the fun you were already having. Great review, you should think of doing an updated one for 2015 (I apologize if you have, I'm going to look after posting this)

  14. Edouard Tremblay

    I got a wii u a week a go week go 🎶🎶🎶🎶Its true i did get it a week a go

  15. I'm getting my wii u next week, done a lot of research on all the consoles but your review was awesome and totally agree with all you said! Nice job matey!

  16. OMG! finely some one made a video that hit every part that people need to see and not basking it and my family loves it my wife stopped going to the gym when we got her the Wii U Fit and the kids love the gamepad they watch Netflix and play games as we watch tv and we have family game night tighter its better to get the family tighter then having the kids locked in there rooms play one console or being on there tablets or texting on there cell phone the Wii U brings the family's back tighter and that's a big plus in my book!

  17. Boogie, come back and rewatch this some time. Some cool notes for you, look how some of these things have gotten better AND some of that frustration that all of us Nintendo owners do put up with.

  18. A Serial Disabled Entrepreneur

    Is the Wii U, better then PS4 Xbox one?

  19. Dude I have been watching your uploads for years! The WoW videos still make me laugh today! You however made me feel much better about my purchase! I got a normal Wii for my kids on Christmas eve only to open it up and it not work Christmas day! I went to game stop and against better judgement spent another 200.00 on the Wii U and was sick about it until I watched your video!

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