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CGR Undertow – THE SIMS 2 review for Nintendo DS

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  1. Devilslayer 69

    Is there no more sims like this one this has a story but the new ones now is all about making a house and getting a family

  2. used to be my fav game like if u agree

  3. Stingray Playz

    When you change the clock it spawns aliens everywhere you go for a short period of time

  4. To be completely fair, I think this is the BEST sim game ever created on the DS. The other DS sims are trash.

  5. legit all i played as a kid

  6. Fallout Maniac

    I played this ALL THE TIME

  7. Elijah Pinette

    I remember spending hours on this game when I was like 8 or 9 years old, and was so awesome. One of my favorite games for the DS.

  8. DudesWithSkillz

    Strange town is he original Gravity Falls

  9. Oliver Parkinson

    Among the Living: the Videogame would be amazing

  10. Christopher Liu

    they have the same thing on gba

  11. can you make a review of the sims 3 in nintendo ds

  12. Emperor Xizzle


  13. Sims 3 Ds is much better then this crap.

  14. the aliens scared me when I was younger, and the evil robots that come at the end, I've completed the game

  15. What is called that soundtrack that starts on 0:02 ???

  16. When i was in El Salvador i remember that i used to play this game so much until i broke my ds. Then we had to go to USA where i am now and now im playing it on my 3ds

    I played from 2012 to 2012 xD in El Salvador and now im playing it in USA

  17. How to get a girl friend? i romance and succes buy nothing happens

  18. The guy with the pumkin head, the cage, aliens, the strange old man and big Foot 😂

  19. this quality is horrible

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