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Building the Cheapest PC Ever!

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  1. papa jan shatner

    mobo: ALiveNF6G-VSTA
    cpu:amd phenom ii x4
    ram: 2x4gb 800mhz
    gpu: hd radeon 6670 2gb ddr3
    60$ build
    can i play csgo 1080p 60fps?? please help me

  2. Bobtheguy sports and gaming

    still better than a mac

  3. bearinator plus

    This is very similar to the Ltt video released 2 years later

  4. Buy a raspberry pi and 64gb sd card loadup any Linux os of your choice and your set if all you wanna do is watch videos 😘

  5. 2GBs of ram!!!

  6. Cheaper: Shit to the hard drive and install a bunch of flash drives.

  7. Michael Proctor

    My cheapest rig ever is the one im using now

    overall i spent about $100 dollars on it that was for a corsair H55 (new) and a used EVGA NEX650G
    Specs are as follows
    Intel i7 980x
    evga classified x58 3x sli
    12gb corsair dominator ddr3
    evga gtx 560ti
    500gb samsung evo nano ssd
    500gb wd blue
    cooler master haf 932

    a combo of parts given to me and ones i found lying around from my ancient rig from over 5 years ago

  8. still worth like 5k in our currency lol. eyy shout out from the philippines yow!

  9. Daniel Adamczyk

    I wanna see this vs the Mac Mini

  10. Wish there was a time lapse of the build!

  11. JussapitkaPelailee

    I just bought a core 2 duo 2.66ghz 2gb ddr2 gtx260 for 5€

  12. Bonifacio Lopez

    I just built a used pc for $130 that can play games at 1080p low – mid settings

  13. wait that's the case your do everything htpc still uses!! lol how frugal of you Kyle

  14. can I add a ssd and make it a game server?

  15. My one stick of ram cost twice as much as that

  16. That's more than you spend on gas on a single month? well no shit.

  17. Nah this isn't cheap I watched a video where a guy built a pc for $100 for gaming.

  18. Maverick Outlaw

    sooo what you are saying is that you could have done this, gotten TWO used 1070s and actually win Scrapyard Wars but decided not to?

  19. A6 6400k apu can play csgo

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