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Wii U GamePad Review

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  1. I actually enjoy the Wii U gamepad especially when you can play Wii U from your bed just wish that Wii U could have the third party support.

  2. Wii u king avq

    how to play the game when you just have gamepad without using a tv

  3. Crystal Universe

    I'm sad that I probably won't buy it…

  4. How you launch games on gamepad

  5. It seems pretty solid.

  6. it's nice that the speakers are on the front unlike the Switch, which has its speakers on the back!!

  7. Christina Maxwell

    It's the buttons on the pad that make the shaking noise.

  8. ḭḉḕẇṏḶḟ

    Is the gamepad heavy?

  9. efwefwef frwfef

    can you play without a TV or PC monitor? game-pad screen seems big enough for me

  10. can all games be played on the wii pad?
    does anyone know or think we will see a very large price cut for the Wii U now that it's discontinued?

  11. well idk why you would shake it like that to begin with. its a game controller lol

  12. yesterday I turned mine on a d the screen isn't as bright as it should be. Does anyone else have this problem and if so how do I fix it because there is no screen brightness adjustment option.

  13. how do u turn down the brightness

  14. Applepython2810

    the shaking is the back cover. if you want put a clear pice of tape on it and vwala! no rattle!

  15. Will the Wii u still be in date when the nx is released?

  16. joseph philip Capobianco

    i like the wii u as a console, good graphics, the new zelda is amazing, and also other games are great, but i don't understand the need to have this controller. is cool the fact that you can play withou the tv, but who cares ?? if i need to play with a smaller screen i pick up the DS or the 3DS, if i play with the console i prefer my hd television, really this is the best misktake nintendo did with this console, which is really a good hardware, but the controller for me is unuseful. i like the fact that nintendo looks always for innovation, but innovation is in the games or in the controller like the WII which is really innovative, this controller is too big for me, this is one of the reason this console sell less than ps4 and xbox one.

  17. JayGaming Jayson Allen


  18. love the game pad yes!! …and just to reaffirm the noises he is talking about …you can only hear them if like you are in a very quite room and not playing games, but just shaking the game pad.

  19. Woohoo I'm so excited I'm gonna buy a new
    Wii you and thanks so much Tyler Miller for teaching me how to use the gamepad

  20. definitely not Drew Tracy

    PLEASE REPLY!!! Should I get the wii u now or wait for the nx? I really want a wii u, but I feel like the nx will come out right after I get a wii u! HELP PLEASE TELL ME WHAT TO DOOOOOO!

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