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Ridge Racer (PS Vita) Review

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  1. Pure greed

  2. Psp ridge racer is the best

  3. referral madness

    If you are willing to buy all the dlc is the game still terrible ?

  4. This is the reason why I say Rage Racer PS1 was the best Ridge Racer game of all time. All the features and none of the complaints.

  5. lambda halflife

    Well buy WipEout 2048 for £5.71

  6. thing is i couldnt see an nice racing game with manual shift … if there is any can you pass them on … but something that uses full power of the vita not psp versions

  7. i feel so bad that i bought it,should be smarter next time

  8. LordValFromHell

    all dlc courses, tracks and cars are for free, so what?! you just have to buy the Main game.

  9. i guess the PSP version is better

  10. how many race maps are in ?

  11. thank god i didnt buy this yet xD

  12. OneShot knight


  13. Thank you for saving me from a big mistake!

  14. Giordan Diodato

    I feel like this game has so much DLC and is so bare bones because it's unfinished. They had to rush it out for the launch of the PS Vita. Or at least that's what I'm thinking.

  15. I'm a huge RR fan, RR vita, however, makes me feel a little bit disappointed. Nowadays if I wanna enjoy the fun of drift, I'll probably just grab my PSP and play RR2 on it (Wild Gang, Yamasa Raggio etc.

  16. Nice graphics but looks extremely on-rails.

  17. Well fuck me I buy this game and 2 years later I know exactly what this guy is talking about (deletes ridge racer vita)

  18. so bullshit what ripp off

  19. Thanks for saving me €7 😉 (discounted now)

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