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CGR Undertow – MEGA MAN ZERO COLLECTION review for Nintendo DS

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  1. The Megaman Zero series is amazing and this is simply a fantastic collection. I love it

  2. I did. I had an eReader. It was useless.

  3. Not Safe For Work Gaming

    is this a good game I just want to know because I just bought this game and i don't want to feel like I wasted money

  4. Dylan Townsend

    Why do you not use an emulator to record with?

  5. blackholerabbit

    trust me LiamBros Gaming,KesorodaBlk is right. Every single review I've seen (except the this one ironically) mentions how on top of the whole blood/oil edit (which is lame enough) they saw fit to redo the script removing all references to death or dying. So you get that toonami level stuff like, "they will all be retired" what the hell is that, pure garbage capcom.

  6. Don't bother with this tarnish of a game; go and get the original games for GBA, either from eBay or on the eShop in their unaltered forms!

  7. sigh We're never gonna get the blood in America….

  8. So these are faithful ports? In that case I might pass up. Getting power ups and abilities from Bosses was balls to the wall annoying as hell, and the inability to replay levels, a staple in the series since Megaman 1, was just stupid. The new game plus was a meh feature in MMZ1 (although it did give me a sense of accomplishment when all the spiked traps became covered, thank God) and I never really finished two or three. Four was the only one I picked up again after genuine renewed interest in the series, and it left me pretty satisfied, but I'm still sad it took them that long to fix my problems with the series.

    The storyline was also freaking epic, my most memorable moments came from them. Omega Zero battle, anyone?

  9. Does the DS version let you save cus gameboy version didnt.

  10. i did not know mega man had a yellow cape

  11. cesar hernandez

    My favorite Megaman saga .

  12. I remember beating 2 and 3 when I was younger.  They were so challenging and at the end, I felt so accomplished.  Some of my favorite games ever.  

  13. Why do u bother filming the bottom screen? There's nothing going on there. And the top screen is now the size of a postage stamp.

  14. Reading the comments I'm glad to c there are megaman fans out there , what disappoints me is to hear that capcom is not making any new megaman games

  15. Crazycarls adventures

    I had a e-reader lol , I loved the gba I think I collected 30 games but never got into this series gonna have to get it on ds sometime

  16. 0:55 long game? I beat the entire collection in 4 hours.

  17. …I had an eReader =( lol. But the eReader feature wasn'teven available in the GBA original version of the USA MMZ3, so it's nice to have that feature now.

    Anyways, you should all buy this. I still have and have played the GBA ones to death, but i STILL got this, because it's nice to be able to have them all together in one easy to carry around card and it plays/looks good on the DS. 

  18. Mega Man 9 didn't have an easy mode.

  19. I am getting this new for 20. Then I might get ZX later on for DS.

  20. If you can find this DS port of all 4 Mega Man Zero games, buy it. Worth the money.

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