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Intel Core i7 | GTX 580 | All Water Cooled | Extreme Gaming PC

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  1. its so outdated now 

  2. RecoilProduction

    Please also check out my wall mounted, water cooled PC:

    ◄ Wall mounted, Water cooled gaming PC (The RecoilMachine)

  3. Сhannel Nexks

    like))) but veteran

  4. Dead Ghosts Clan

    i have 600w with 580

  5. The point of a liquid cooled machine is up to the persons desires. More than likely to liquid cool it more effectively than air?

  6. Phillip McConnochie

    truth hurts hu

  7. Eric Ver Linden

    Who really gives a shit if you think it's a mess. The point is, it gets the job done.

  8. Eric Ver Linden

    I think this dude is secretly in the closet.

  9. Eric Ver Linden

    Shit music? You obviously like crappy music if you think this is shitty. Also, if you don't like it then go watch something else, fag.

  10. Beautiful system!

  11. Corey Kauffman

    damn nice rig sir.. damn nice


    u still have this computer or did u upgrade oh yeah great song that dude carlstrand87 is gay

  13. funny that u water cooler ur mobo chipsets and not ur ram

  14. you can tell how young this person is by their lack of taste in music. Probably listens to drake n shit.

  15. YOu seem to use the term GAy loosely seems to me as if you're gay

  16. BlondellTheWell

    I would water cool because I hate that my PC sounds like a hair drier. Why liquid cool and then fill it full of fans?

  17. Says the Softie who listens to Dubstep and pop

  18. Go fuck yourself gay 🙂

  19. good specs but looks a total mess… why have you got a red colour scheme with orange tubing and white led strips?! and your tubing looks a total mess, try not to have the tubes crossing everywhere. that said, nice pc

  20. Go listen to your Dub step an pop faggot

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