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Roku 4 vs Fire TV 2

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  1. The Roku offers Plex which offers similar content as Kodi and like the Roku, Plex has a cleaner user interface. The roku also offers some good private channels but Plex is the best choice for the Roku.

  2. The Roku 4 isn't significat larger??? It has about 206% the size of the Fire TV 2. Even more if you consider the thickness also.
    How should I believe anything else said in this video?

  3. amazon fire tv is way better it has kodi on it roku you have to screen mirror it from tablet or phone,dosen't make sense to me when people say roku is better wtf with kodi you have every movie ever made on it and free every tv show ever made on it and free ,every tv channel worldwide on it and free with roku you have to pay for everything ,come on ppl .

  4. Could I play mkv files from a External Hard drive by usb?

  5. Gate Crasher UK

    Roku is Shit

  6. i avoid fire/amazon for one simple reason – they jumble together their free, prime free, and pay to play content – making it a royal pain in the ass to use if you are trying to avoid paying extra for content. you can pin# protect your prime account to make sure you don't accidentally end up paying extra for something, but then you keep ending up going down blind content alleys only to realize you must pay for them – it's a damn shame because i'm a prime member, and i hate using the very service i'm already paying for – at least you get 2 day shipping while buying amazon's chinese crap.

  7. Roku is the best period. Because you can get unlimited TV shows for free, movies too. Anything for free if your clever enough. $0 always wins!

  8. Fire TV also comes with Amazon echo great for streaming music playlist by voice

  9. Major points missed, Roku 4 is a 4K media streamer, Fire TV is not, Roku can access Google Movies, Fire TV will not. Roku 4 has a find my remote feature, Fire TV does not, Roku 4 does not replace the Roku 3, they have the Roku 3 4234R

  10. In regards to content, does the roku 4 have more apps? By the way, awesome vid.

  11. Agree with me if this guy kinda sounds like Cleveland from Family Guy

  12. I prefer Fire TV over Roku because it requires Credit Card info for activation. It won't take debit cards and I avoid using PayPal because I'm on Social Security, the SSA will kill me If I have more than one accounts. And I'm pretty afraid the company will come after you if you use the NO-CC link that allows you to skip that step.

  13. Roku has a lot more content (like independent channels), that's very important.

  14. Nice job, I thought the review was more than fair.

  15. Roylar Howell

    Great Review!

  16. on the roku 4 do I have to pay a monthly fee to have amazing prime and HBO or how does that work?

  17. I just turn my Roku 4 and 3 off when not in use. No more heating problems.

  18. Robert Fitzgerald

    You should know that the HDMI audio capability is superior to the optical (toslink) audio capability. People with nicer audio equipment would be indifferent. It is only people using a receiver from quite a few years ago that would find themselves needing to use the optical port.

  19. Annette Martin

    Does Amazon Fire offer sling tv?

  20. Fire has Sony Vue Roku does not.

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