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Wii U Unboxing

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  1. I am watching on 2017

  2. hhv

  3. Before I watched a Nintendo switch commercial came on

  4. Joey O'Connell

    I'm just here with my Nintendo switch laughing

  5. Nintendo switch is better

  6. Anyone watching in 2017? No? I would want one in 2017;-;

  7. - Andrew29HD -

    This console and games are pretty straight forward

  8. Jeremey Woolley

    It wasn't the first console to come with hdmi cable look back two 2007 when the Xbox 360 elite Australian edtion came with a hdmi cable that's false what you said

  9. Largerattendant Xbox

    who is watching in 2017

  10. Who will be watching this in 2018

  11. When Someone is Unboxing the Wii U When they didn't know a Nintendo Switch

  12. Potato Master

    Remember the Wii U hype? Well…it's ded now

  13. Helicóptero que atrapalha o Vlad

    "Perdeu um cabo,perdeu o console em"

  14. I have a Nintendo switch with Mario kart 8 deluxe

  15. TheOddBallGOd

    Man I remember when I got the wii.U in 2012 at Christmas I was having so much fun with it, but then I got a PS4 and now I WANT A SWITCH I NEEEEEEED ITTTTT !

  16. damn this is old, now nintendo has a nintendo switch

  17. Who is watching in 2017

  18. TheRealSeiferoth

    wii sports did actually come in a case with launch models. it was about 6-9 months later that they switched to a cardboard sleeve (presumably to cut costs). at least that's what happened in the uk, can't speak for the rest of the world.

  19. I didn't know this exist

  20. Minnie gamer hanna

    see your chat

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