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PSVita: Spy Chameleon Gameplay Review

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    got my self psp vista what your name on it

  3. Iovegames24/7 O'c


  4. can you gameplay of attack on titan

  5. could you do game play on prosona 4 please ps nice video

  6. hey Marc can u tell me how many smart phones u have

  7. LegendOnWheels

    Do a remote play of Planetside 2

  8. gamingwithethan 10

    what is your username so i can send you friend request

  9. Hey marc what's your PS ID

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  11. can you full review of ps vita

  12. Nice video, Marc. I wasn't going to check this out when I read it was a stealth game in its PSN description but you make this look pretty good.

  13. {TN} Twisted Nerd

    good vid

  14. Phil Fernandes

    Another awesome video Mark.. and the game is awesome too

  15. can you review little big planet

  16. OnlyGameplay Chanel

    my like great game

  17. MidnightMarauder

    Mark you're such a geek

  18. I love how marc continues to review vita content. keep it up man, my go to channel on youtube!

  19. sonicmuffy c:

    Hey guys I really go between whether I should I get the vita or 3ds. Any ideas?
    PS: I hate Japanese RPG titles with a passion.

  20. Panda_YT _203

    If u guys have a ps vita send me a friend request and i will subscribe to ur channel if u have one ,on my ps vita i have minecraft and some other games we could play together my name tag is panda_yt_203

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