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Diddy Kong Racing DS Nintendo DS Review – Video

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  1. Klassic Gaming

    how do you play on top screen

  2. The N64 version floors this one. Diddy Kong Racing DS is a shell of the original. Levels are smaller in scale, wave physics and many special effects removed, textures are worse, needless touch screen additions. cut music, cut voice acting, cut story sequences! All the crap added in is of a terrible quality to add insult. Also do you notice Diddy et all never look at the road when driving anymore, their heads are all pointing up and in any other direction which is irritating. If only this was held back for 3DS.

  3. ahhh i remember playing this game when i was seven i'm only 12 do

  4. da N64 Version of Diddy Kong Racing, Still Beats da crap out of This, Aswell as Mario Kart 64.

  5. 1Misterawesome1Robloxian

    Ok Conker I can understand why he wasn't put in obviously because Conker started out as a furry friendly character in a Weird game on GameBoy then Diddy Kong Racing was Made with Conker THEN They started on a game called Conker something(I forgot what it was called exactly)and what Rare and Nintendo stated was that they were taking a break from violence and making a friendly game,then they scraped the Conker game AND made a new one called Conkers Twelve Tales and they scraped that one too,so their mood for a friendly game ended quickly and started a new game as what you all Conker fans know of as:Conkers Bad Fur Day which had blood cussing nudity and more random bad things in it..So I can see why they took Conker out but why no Banjo,I guess it wasn't complete having Banjo without Conker because they're two of Rares biggest Mascots…Eeeh…Or most likely because Rare owns Banjo and Conker under their Name and not under Nintendo's and Now they're under Microsoft,and everything they own belongs to Microsoft except for one thing with Nintendo and that's the handheld Nintendo+Rare treaty meaning that Rare can help out Nintendo with games….Only on Handheld games… :/ so no new Conker or Banjo on a Nintendo system except for a handheld system… Unless they do a nightmare like Banjo and Kazooie Nuts and Bolts…But the completely remade Conkers (other)Bad Fur Day/Or Conker:Live and Reloaded

  6. DanteDaUrbanhog

    They lose a lot of points from me for no Conker or Banjo. I know Microsoft owns both of them now, but come on. They are the only two characters not returning.

  7. Diddy Kong Racing did transforming vehicles before it was cool

  8. n 65 version was still bether that this piece of shit ^^

  9. wow this is shit…

  10. SpaceOmega5000

    Honestly the extras is what made this game GOOD.. I mean if you always wanted to explore a whole new track in the style of Diddy Kong Racing, isn't that a good thing? It's better than nothing…

    I'll say thinking about it.. The voice acting, models, and balloon popping thing, may have made the game a little more low, but for models, my god, it's a DS version. How are they supposed to make it better? If people got over the down-sides, they may enjoy it. I loved it, I loved the additions, and some of the music.

  11. DementedFearz

    I think they removed conker because his games are for mature audiences

  12. cartoonlover98

    god i miss this game, i used to love flying around in the airplanes.

  13. This "remake" was terrible. My brother got it for me for my birthday because he remembered how much I LOVED it when we were younger. But all the new stuff they added is dreadful and it just didn't feel the same, controls-wise. I just couldn't bring myself to keep playing it, so I traded it in.Such a crime. Luckily, my N64 still works.

  14. robbe bouduin

    i like waffels

  15. Melonadefication

    They had to because the company that has him works for Microsoft now.

  16. this game came out in 2007 and u uploaded it 2011….

  17. Irene van Amersfoort

    because i first bought one, lost it, and then bought another one and lost it again

  18. I would give it a higher score, maybe a 7.8 or an 8

  19. It's got a few new tracks and a couple of new unlockable characters. On the downside, it's just not as good as the N64 version and feels off if you're used to playing that. Honestly, I got tired of it pretty fast, but maybe it's just me.

    I can't honestly recommend it, but it's not a bad game per se. If you can get it cheap, I say go for it. Just, don't expect too much.

  20. Whyd you buy two?

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