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Perception Review (Horribly Bad Horror) – PS4 – XBOX ONE – PC | JKB

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  1. History Behind The Horror

    to be honest…..i fell asleep on this shit lmao. ITS SOOO BORINGGGGGGGG

  2. Most of the criticism is subjective shit that likely won't matter to this game's actual target audience.

  3. SciFi KungFu Theater

    this would read well in a novel. Maybe a late night campy T.v. series. But I could see this game going over well had it been a story about an Alien Invasion saaaayyyy….
    Day of the Triffids esc. going blind somewhat and this was our way around the world battling sentinals, drones, and then aliens building up the tension that way. Hell, 4 out of 10 rating drop to a dizmle 1 lol. Nevermind smh

  4. The visuals remind me of Murdered Soul Suspect.

  5. Eiad Tarabulsi

    Initially, I was very excited to play Perception. I had very high hopes going in due to the fact that it was made by former Irrational Games employees who had a pretty good pedigree under their belt with the Bioshock franchise. Deep End Games was ambitious when making this game and I'll give them credit for that. However, the end result wasn't as good as I had hoped for. Having said that, I wouldn't necessarily label it as a bad game. It has its shortcomings for sure, but its not a complete train wreck. The idea itself is great, but it falls a bit short in its execution. Of course, the biggest elephant in the room is in regards to the game's visual aesthetic which is one part interesting due to the monochromatic blue and one part disorienting. I know its suppose to give the player the feeling of playing as a blind person but it ends up being quiet uncomfortable on the eyes. The game's narrative is quiet dull and its simply there just for the sake of being there. Even if the player gets caught by the Presence and eventually dies, there is no serious consequence for dying. Instead, the player respawns at the same spot and at times a bit closer to the next destination. It makes me question why such a strange fail state exists to begin with. Cassie's supernatural ability isn't explained very well. At the same time, not using said ability makes navigating around the house a very frustrating task. The game does have some jump scares which work well enough. The concept of echolocation may not be original when it comes to video games. However, Its also a concept that isn't used very often in video games. The one thing that the game does extremely well is that it makes you feel as if your playing as a blind person when it comes to completing everyday issues. Cassie has a text-to-speech app on her phone that allows her to read scattered letters. The app also allows her to send pictures to a phoneline operator who helps her interpret scenes that she can't otherwise see. The aforementioned concept of echolocation works quiet well during the brief time that Cassie learns how to use it. Despite its numerous issues, I'm going to give Perception a try due to its interesting echolocation mechanic, some good jump scares and its interesting yet annoying visual aesthetic. Thanks JKB for the great review as always. I appreciate it so much!

  6. oooo daredevil the game

  7. so sad.. I was looking forward to this game :/

  8. have you played Beyond Eyes? it's another indie game where you play as a blind girl except it's not a horror game. if you played it, did you like it?

  9. Great review as always.

  10. They act like echolocation is such a new concept when it really isn't…..

  11. dangit. well, how is "get even"?

  12. Mario Madness

    looks trippy, and annoying lol

  13. Mike Bushnell

    only one loss still in ultra sf2..bow to my Akuma

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