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Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer Xbox 360 Review –

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  1. Reskin of every other movie game.

  2. I gonna buy this game on xbox 360, and i think it's a fun game becuase i like fantastic 4!!!

  3. Noah Plays VG

    This game is Really hard in the first level.. It's dumb! It displays the display hint but all it says is OH PRESS B AND RT For Blah blah blah… And that's all! It doesn't tell you what to destroy!

  4. I wanted to see this video expecting a good review cause I loved playing this game when I was younger and want to play it again

  5. Daniel Hendley

    Such an awful game

  6. Master Keeper

    Reviews should tell about the game, not suggesting on us about buying the game or not buying it.

  7. damn time goes really fast 

  8. narutokyuubi9tail

    i think u should have been able too be victor and silver surfer, that would be cool 🙂

  9. 2 bucks at eb games right now

  10. I have this game And is a nice game

  11. This game is really good

  12. 4:34 lol sues face!

  13. I actually liked this game and thought it was pretty good.

    I don't like the way he says: "Don't buy this game."

    Despite it being just a review, it seems like it is an absolute truth. Perhaps the reviewer is trying to give the review more importance than it has.

  14. GreenGoal☼8E

    Marvel alliance is probably a bettr deal

  15. GreenGoal☼8E

    Snds like a troll-versation 🙂

  16. They are doing THEIR review. Its not that they're forcing you to not buy the game.
    So, If you like the game, buy it….. its your choice

  17. theUltimateBadass146

    0:11 ASS SHOT

  18. I thought this game was pretty good and i dont even like the fantastic 4

  19. my dad's name is greg miller.

  20. yeah hahaha

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