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Castlevania Rondo of Blood Video Review – Virtual Console Wii Ware DLC

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  1. Thirteen 1355

    Rondo of Blood is pretty easy, like Castlevania IV.
    Try Dracula X. To me, that is impossible without save states.

  2. beast huh …. laughable

  3. Tommy the gamemaster

    The PSP version is better, although you do have to unlock the more supieor original on that one, it is dubbed in English, enlgish subtitles, and if you still want the original Japanese language that is avaible has well.

  4. thebeastliest134

    I just beat this game and I feel so FREAKING clutch right now.

  5. you can unlock the original in the psp version, you dont hace to buy it again

  6. scientologist blasphemist

    @LoveoneAn he's referring to the super Nintendo version being expensive.

  7. Redcrimson101

    Great review! Iv never played rondo of blood but iv beaten Dracula x, and iv beaten the psp remake version. I think I'll pick this up on wii ware.

  8. AlexNintendoSega

    how can i change the control settings, on the classic wii controller pls help!

  9. Seamus Fisler

    And another thing, anyone else have the thought in the first level (the burning city), that it's the game burning the towns from Simon's Quest? I did.


  10. Seamus Fisler

    The reason it's german with japanese subtitles is because THEYRE IN TRANSYLVANIA. I don't know why they changed from german to japanese, but that's really not my problem

  11. johnny hartel

    thums up if u luve megaman and castlevania

  12. @LoveoneAn I think MAYBE…just MAYBE he was referring to the original PC Engine CD.

  13. Bullshit. Just by Dracula X Chronicles for $20

  14. ivanthelovehammer

    love this game. my favorite of the series and Richter is the ultimate belmont. hes so fuckin badass he would put chuck norris to shame.

  15. @MrBacchus18 There is much more gameplay value in this game as far as things you can do. For example, there are different paths to take and an alternate character. but Castlevania 4 is the best classic style Castlevania game ever made. You should play both if you like Castlevania but I would play 4 first.

  16. @ReddmanDGZ play the origanal its harder and easyer in some parts

  17. Grim Dark End

    I have to agree. This game is about as hard as castlevania comes.

    I don't know how many times I shut my PSP (I have the Dracula X Chronicles version that has the remake, original, and SOTN packed on one UMD) in pure disgust at how difficult some enemies are until you get their pattern down. The second boss, the wolf man… is hard enough to get to, then the first time I met up with it, it pwned me without letting me get so much as a single hit in.

    But, that's what keeps me coming back 😀

  18. @TheFlabbyEschebone He asked for one or the other, so presumably he wants a suggestion. I do agree both are excellent, but I prefer Rondo.

  19. @EnigmaHood a matter of opinion…. both are bloody excellent, he should get both 😛

  20. in the beginning you said that its a wiiware game. its a virtual console game. wiiware is original games exclusively for wii download.

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