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Classic Game Room – MURAMASA REBIRTH review for Vita

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  1. More PS VITA reviews pls

  2. KrGsMrNKusinagi0

    they should port this to the switch

  3. CoreBlasterNEURAL

    just brought this from the holiday sale for $10. Seems like I'm going to enjoy this cause I loved Odin sphere.

  4. Emaildatabase Marketing

    i love that game so much

  5. Great review really accurate, thanks a lot!

  6. looks like more to this one than the demon blade

  7. this game looks nice but I thought it was terrible combat wise I got bored very quick.

  8. Antonio Virola

    I like might pick it up this weekend!

  9. I love Muramasa Rebirth! I've beaten both Kisuke and Momohime's stories and just started playing Genroku Legends recently 😀

  10. Got the collectors edition of this, all the dlc and the original Wii version. Love it!

  11. Got the platinum for this game. Almost broke my Vita haha

  12. i should really get back to playing this game. i have the oboro muramasa unlocked on fury mode, so there's isn't too much left to do.

  13. Still my favorite Vita game outside of Spelunky.

  14. This is an amazing game, both artistically pleasing and fun to play. I don't now any other Vita title that I took over 20 screen shots while playing, it's simply beautiful.

  15. Sweet Vita, beautiful game! 😀

  16. VideoGameVictims

    Vanillaware. Everything they make is incredible.

  17. I'm not one that plays DLC much, I have trouble finishing main campaigns for most games. That being said, the DLC for Muramasa is worth every penny and then some. Fantastic mini campaigns.

  18. Samurai trilogy was inspired by the book mushashi by eiji yoshikawa.

  19. FuckingNativeWomen

    Damn one of the only few PS Vita owners out there.

  20. Terrell Sparvier

    there is combos when you hold the attack buttons and special attacks and special combos for each different sword you use. also 4 more characters for each of the new dlcs and each of those characters have their own moves and combos aswell!

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