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Terraria Review Xbox One & PS4

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  1. Wrong. The Xbox One version now has an option to bring back old characters

  2. So how easy is to play this game on controller?

  3. nathanaël langlais

    3$ on ps4 right now

  4. Carnage845 87

    My biggest beef with this game is that they don't really tell you shit. You have to figure out pretty much everything on your own – from where to go to what things are. Otherwise, it's fun as hell.

  5. ScoopDogg1867

    Don't get this piece of crap on ps4, the controls are setup by a retard, they don't work properly.

  6. Toke Asaurus420

    5$ on ps4 right now

  7. I like the way console controlled over PC. So fun.

  8. This is on PS4?? What crap

  9. im so excited to download this i have been waiting for this super zoomed out camera angke

  10. The NightingaleLeader

    does ps4 have 1.3

  11. 8/10 -_- BOI

  12. Shadowtrooper09

    There already should be world transfers since you can transfer your saved progress to Xbox one so I think that is bullshit

  13. Dayna Holgate

    I'm going to buy this game I am getting a ps4 for Christmas 2015

  14. Looking for friend add me on psn klaxkulskar

  15. Looking for buddy yo start a new world with on ps4. Add me if interested pls have a mic btw.

    PSN: Klaxkulskar

  16. After 6 hours of gameplay I have 4 gold 😀

  17. jerrycarson71

    Love the game

  18. Manuel Bugeja

    Does the multiplayer cross play (ps4 and ps vita) work ?, because i read somwhere on the internet that it wasn't working, is it fixed ?
    And what can one do on miltiplayer ?

  19. This game is a Minecraft clone, the only difference is that this game is actually fun and isn't boring

  20. looks like a 2d mine-craft…just found out about this game , is it worth a buy for someone who has never played it & who also is not into minecraft either…

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