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Lost Planet: Extreme Condition Xbox 360 Review – Video

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  1. Alex Hernandez

    are we just gonna ignore the shitty aiming mechanics?

  2. the best lost planet game of all time

  3. Jonnathan Perez

    they need to make a part 4 already for ps4 and xbox one

  4. tubesockets120v

    Couch co op?

  5. I just got this game for 27 cents lol I heard it was pretty good so I will try it I love my xbox 360 and my ps4 pro 🙂

  6. prolly the best LP … when it first came out…was new type of badass memories gaming with bros with this one

  7. It looks like Starfox Assault, definitely going to buy on steam.

  8. The multiplayer on this game used to be my life

  9. loved this game multiplayer, sadly no one plays it anymore

  10. IrelandMuayThai

    How do you combat roll for xbox 360?

  11. its a platinum hit

  12. Biohazard Hero

    just ordered the collectors edition off of eBay for $5!!!

  13. TheMasterLewa 03

    Byung-hun Lee El De Terminator?

  14. Very challenging game. The boss battles are epic and especially the Green Eye was a great boss fight. Way better than Gears of Wars back then.

  15. I loved this game and also thought it was very popular; but apparently it wasnt. its a shame there arent at least hundreds of thousands of views on lost planet videos

  16. Mohammed Hanif

    This game is soo overlooked. It's a great underrated game.

  17. Too bad the third one was shit

  18. "the graphics are amazing!"

    good times… awesome game

  19. Nishant Sengar

    boss fights in this game are just epic!

  20. I fail to see how the story can confuse a guy…First it's vengence, then it's safe the planet, what's so confusing?

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