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Review: Skullgirls 2nd Encore (PS Vita & PlayStation 4) – Defunct Games

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  1. This game is basically a female version of guilty gear!

  2. 5 bucks on psn right now..

  3. does buying the game with psvita get you the full game? cause I noticed it doesn't say the full amount of space it takes up (a little more them 2gb) on the Vita like how it does on the ps4 but the price is the same

  4. Lil GloKid -720p

    is there online?

  5. Boom Daddy Cool

    Skullgirls 2nd encore is a art decco flashy anime marvel vs capcom clone that is dope!
    I was gonna get it on vita but i already bought it on my ps 3 when it 1st came out unless you want 3 of the same game i would pass if you already have it on ps 3…to those who are thinking yeah well ps4/vita version is 2nd encore and ps3 is not think again cuz who ever bought skullgirls encore for ps 3 got a free patched that upgraded it to 2nd encore just check your updates awesome game thou if you haven't picked this up at all then STOP what your doing and get that shit.

  6. I really can't stand this game surprisingly. Even though I love 2D fighters

  7. 1:35 you forgot bigband

  8. Brian Lingard

    It looks like Dark Stalkers fucked Persona and this resulted.

  9. Lemme guess, download only? PSTV compatible?
    Good to see the Vita still gettin some love. Still waiting for that Axiom Verge port, hope it's still planned.

  10. I think it would be pretty awesome if you did ketchup reviews.

  11. Peter Gratineau

    what does this cost on vita?

  12. Seamus McKnight

    good stuff

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